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May 2, 2018 Champions League semi-final Real Madrid 4-3 Bayern into the final

Sihaiwang: at 2:45 on May 2, the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, Real Madrid host Bayern Munich. In the first half, the opening only 2 minutes, kimihi in front of the push shot to break the door first, then Marcello assists Benzema to level the header, J Romen missed a good opportunity. In the second half, the opening time was only 20 seconds. Bayern's rear defense gave gifts. Benzema shot the empty goal to surpass the score. J. Romen shot to equalize the score. Navas saved many times. Real Madrid drew Bayern Munich 2-2 at home. Real Madrid eliminated Bayern 4-3 to reach the final. Real Madrid reached the Champions League final for three consecutive years.

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[full set] Champions League - Benzema double rings, J Luo scores 4-3 points for Real Madrid to reach the final ( HTML)

In the first leg, Real Madrid reversed Bayern 2-1 away from home. Although they had the advantage of score, Real Madrid could not be careless at home. Both sides in the first round of competition, there are players injured missed the game, Robben, Boateng and Real Madrid players kawahar, Isko will be absent because of injuries, which has a significant impact on the formation of the two teams. Can levan get rid of the first leg downturn and lead the team further to be expected? Can Cristiano Ronaldo, who is back at home and fully rested, partner Benzema to secure the victory? In this game, Basque played right back, kovasic and Arsenio started, Camaro and Bel came on as substitutes, and Nacho appeared on the bench. Bayern, Alaba in time to return, torreso and Tiago starting partner, levan continued to serve as the arrow.

At the beginning of the first half, Real Madrid took the lead in kick-off. One minute, the left set piece of J Luo's front court was sent into the forbidden area, and Navas put the ball out. One minute, the Alaba forbidden area left side low flat ball pass was saved by Navas. 2 minutes, Mueller's right cross, not far from the front of the door to break, kimihi to follow the push shot, Real Madrid 0-1 Bayern Munich.

5 minutes, Modric forward with the ball to break down. Six minutes, cross right field set piece straight into the penalty area, Benzema cross hit the middle, c Luo snatched shot to hit. 7 minutes, Ribery left side trying to get rid of the man was broken. 10 minutes, kovasic midfield long pass, Marcello left inserted in the upload, after the point Benzema header to level the score, Real Madrid 1-1 Bayern Munich.

11 minutes, levandovsky in the restricted area of the left cross knock by Ramos intercept. 12 minutes, Alaba left cross, the ball was cleared out of the sidelines. In 15 minutes, Arsenio was in the penalty area and Ulrich grabbed the ball in front of Benzema. 16 minutes, torreso straight into the restricted area, levandovsky restricted area in the middle of the road down, the referee did not say. 17 minutes, Benzema restricted area right cross was cleared. 18 minutes, torreso outside the restricted area to try to shoot away to be blocked. In 20 minutes, jumeiers was cut off by Benzema. 21 minutes, Kimi right cross, humels header was picked by Navas. 24 minutes, vara inside the backcourt long pass, Benzema front right side of the ball was damaged by jumels.