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Why American girls wear cheongsam

Why American girls wear cheongsam Recently, according to foreign media reports, an 18-year-old American girl caused a heated discussion because she wore a cheongsam. It is reported that the white girl wore a red cheongsam when she went to the high school prom and made a gesture of hands in ten, which caused netizens' dissatisfaction. What's the matter? Let's have a look.

Keziah Daum, an 18-year-old white girl from Salt Lake City, Utah, recently picked up a red cheongsam for her prom dress, the world daily reported. Dame not only put on the red cheongsam to the dance, but also excitedly posted a photo of himself wearing cheongsam and his friends on the community website, with the word "Prom" beside it. Unexpectedly, the Internet scolded her constantly, saying that she was "not Chinese, should not wear cheongsam".

In addition, some netizens criticized the pose of dum and his friends. Some netizens thought that the pose of hands in ten was racist.

A man named Jeremy Lam tweeted a picture of dam wearing cheongsam and said: 'my culture is not your graduation dress. 'the man, surnamed Lin, also wrote that he was proud of his culture, and this picture shows the consumerism and colonialism of the United States. His tweet was quickly forwarded more than 40000 times, which also provoked similar criticism of his dress. Many people accused him of occupying the culture.

According to the Washington Post, this is the latest case in a long debate about cultural appreciation and cultural misappropriation. Similar cultural encroachment disputes also exist in fashion circles, Hollywood, university campuses and people's response to advertising.

"I just think that cheongsam is extremely beautiful, unique and generous. It has absolutely no intention of causing harm and no racial discrimination. If there is any significance behind it, it is just a dress to express admiration and appreciation for other cultures. '

However, there are many people, including many Asian Americans, who have come out to support dam's choice of clothes. "As a Chinese, we are very proud and happy to share our culture and fashion with people all over the world. I like your confidence when you put on this dress," said a Chinese woman claiming to be a cheongsam collector! You're great! '

Since the incident broke out a week ago, her twitter followers have increased to 20000. She has received numerous messages, both positive and negative. Her classmates and teachers have expressed their concerns to her. Dam's mother said it was basically adults attacking children, and that he didn't do anything wrong.

Due to the uproar over the photos, dam has decided to study the importance of Cheongsam in Chinese history and culture. She also deeply realized the speed and scope of social media information dissemination, and began to learn to look at her posts from different perspectives. But at the same time, dam also said: 'this cheongsam, I will wear it again. '