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Who are the guests at the beginning of the May 4th Youth Festival Party of CCTV in 2018 the 2018 May 4th Youth Day party has been recorded. This time, several stars won the honor of flowers in May. Let's take a look at the live broadcast entrance of the 2018 CCTV May 4th Youth Day party and the list of guests.

Who are the guests at the beginning of the May 4th Youth Festival Party of CCTV in 2018

Live broadcast entrance of flower Youth Festival Party of CCTV in May 2018

The 2018 CCTV Youth Day party is about to start. I'm sure you are looking forward to the lineup of guests. This time, the lineup of guests is really strong. They are all front-line young representatives and youth activities. Where can we see the live broadcast? Let's organize the materials for you.

May 4th Youth Day party introduction:

2018 CCTV May 4th party start time

Live address: cctv-1cctv-3

Time: cctv-20:05, April 4, 2015

Cctv-21:17, May 4

Host: CCTV hosts nigmati, Zhu Xun and college students from Peking University and Tsinghua University co host.

Preview of CCTV's May 4th party program in 2018:

Flowers in May -- our Chinese dream

"Flowers in May our Chinese dream" is the first CCTV theme party to interpret the Chinese dream this year, which gathers Chinese strength to create brilliant life with youth, and gathers Chinese strength to announce the Chinese dream to the world. Let's bloom the passion of youth together and build the Chinese dream in our hearts. For more highlights, please pay attention to the live broadcast on CCTV integrated channel at 20:06 p.m. on May 4, and the variety channel will be replayed at 22 p.m.

What time does the 2018 CCTV May 4th youth party start

The May 4th Youth Party of CCTV 2018 will be recorded on April 30, and the party will be broadcast on CCTV1 on May 4. Please pay attention at that time!

CCTV May 4th youth party program introduction

Guest list: Zhang Yixing, Wu Yifan, Yang Yang, Zhang Yishan, Zhou Dongyu, Shen Yue, Hu Xianxu, Tong Liya, Yin Zheng, Peng Yuchang, Zhang keying, Zhang Yuhao, Wang Jia, Ma Sichun, Jiang Mengjie, Yi'an music club, one (Yueyue, muziyang, Bofan, LingChao), snh48, x9 Youth League, etc.

Compere: Ren Luyu, Li Sisi, nigmaiti, Danru, duanchun, Guan Xiaotong, a college student, and Lan Yu and Bai Ying, the youth representative compere, will also join us!

May 4th Youth Party will be held on May 4th every year. The program will express the youth ideal of holding high the banner, firmly believing and keeping up with the times, striving to learn and carry out knowledge reserve for actively participating in the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the Chinese dream through the excellent programs of uplifting, encouraging and passionate performances performed by college and middle school students all over the country. It will also show them the spirit of May 4th and use the society The youth power gathered by the core values of socialism; express the youth oath that they reassure the party, the motherland and the people.

In addition to songs, dances, instrumental music, poetry recitation, martial arts, creative performances, stunts and other normal types of programs, the festival will also launch programs such as crosstalk, magic, acrobatics and opera for the first time, so as to show the rich and colorful campus cultural life of contemporary students.