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What is the custom of Lixia? What kind of traditional food do you want to eat Generally speaking, the solar term of Lixia is at the beginning of May every year, when the weather is just beginning to heat up and spring is coming to an end. So what's the custom of Lixia? Let's take a look at it in detail!

What is the custom of Lixia? What kind of traditional food do you want to eat

When will summer start in 2018

Summer time in 2018: 21:25:18, May 5, 2018, lunar calendar March (small) 20, 2018.

Lixia, as the name suggests, is the beginning of summer. At the beginning of summer, Dou points to the southeast. The Yellow meridian of the sun is 45 deg;. After the beginning of summer, it is summer. At this time, everything is full of vitality, the temperature is rising significantly, the summer is coming, thunderstorms are increasing, and crops are also entering the peak season of the year.

What's the custom of Lixia Festival

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Although the traditional food customs of Lixia day all over the country have their own characteristics, the most classic food of Lixia day is "Lixia egg". The day before the beginning of summer, many people began to cook "summer egg". They usually use tea powder or walnut shell to cook, watching the eggshell turn red slowly, and the house is full of fragrance. Tea eggs should be eaten while hot. When eating, pour good wine and sprinkle some fine salt inside. The wine is fragrant, fragrant and tasty.

Call people

The ancient poem says: 'Lixia weighs the number of people, and the hanging beam weighs the laughter of boudoir. The custom of "calling a person" on the day of Lixia is mainly popular in the south of China. It originated in the age of the Three Kingdoms. It is said that after Liu Bei's death, Zhuge Liang handed over his son, a Dou, to Zhao Zilong and sent him to Jiangdong, and asked his stepmother, Mrs. Wu guosun, who had returned to her mother's home, to raise him.

On that day, it was Lixia. Mrs. sun weighed for Adou in front of Zhao Zilong. Next year, Lixia will weigh again to see how much weight she gained, and then write a letter to report to Zhugeliang, thus forming a folk custom.

What traditional food do you want to eat in summer

Lixia tea

There is a custom of drinking tea at the beginning of summer in Jiangxi, that is, you should drink tea on the day of beginning of summer. If you don't drink tea, you can't spend the summer easily, and you will suffer from the summer.

On the day of Lixia, women should gather seven tea houses to cook and drink together. It is said that they drink seven tea houses in Lixia, which can ensure that they will not be sleepy in the whole summer.


Lixia eat eggs, not only can withstand the 'summer resistance' test, but also bring a complete life. Lixia has the custom of eating eggs, which can prevent the common symptoms of summer, such as lack of appetite, fatigue, weakness and emaciation. The egg, the nature is flat, fills the vital energy deficiency, has the tranquility, the nourishment heart function.

Summer rice

In the old days of Lixia Festival, Ningbo countryside used red beans, soybeans, black beans, green beans, green beans and other five-color beans mixed with white japonica rice to cook 'five-color rice', which is called Lixia rice. Now some families in urban and rural areas of Ningbo still keep this ancient style, but the ingredients of Lixia rice have been changed into five other kinds of food: broad bean, soybean, bamboo shoot, mustard, plus soy sauce or bacon, called five kinds of rice.

Seven porridge

There is a custom of eating "seven porridge" in the countryside of eastern Zhejiang in summer, that is to say, farmers give beans and rice to each other, and make a pot of porridge with brown sugar, which is called "seven porridge". It means that after eating this kind of porridge, the neighbors are harmonious and devote themselves to summer cultivation and planting.

Bone bamboo shoots

It's a special custom in Ningbo to eat 'foot bone bamboo shoot' in summer. Not all the bamboo shoots sold in the vegetable market can be used to make 'foot bone bamboo shoots'. It's better to use wild mountain bamboo shoots or black bamboo shoots. The key point of eating 'foot bone bamboo shoot' is the shape. Before cooking, pat the bamboo shoot flat and cut it into a section of about 4cm, which is similar to the foot bone. Only after eating can 'foot bone be healthy'.