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Thousands of netizens are touched by pupils' attention in the rain when they are late for playing th

Thousands of netizens are touched by pupils' attention in the rain when they are late for playing the National Anthem Recently, another primary school student became popular because of "salute". It is reported that when it rained heavily, a late primary school student was on his way to the classroom and heard the national anthem, then stood up and paid attention to the place where the national flag was raised. This moment was photographed and posted on the Internet. The patriotic feelings of primary school students moved tens of millions of netizens!

On June 27, a "late" child rushed to the classroom in the rain in the playground of Laocheng primary school in Honghuagang District. When he ran to the center of the playground and heard the national anthem, the child immediately stood in the wind and rain and saluted the national flag. He didn't rush into the classroom until the national anthem was over.

That morning, Xu Hongen, director of the Red Culture Office of China Cultural Heritage Foundation, who came to comply with the investigation, accidentally captured this scene. He said that Zunyi is the holy land of the red revolution. Because I want to go to the meeting site of Zunyi nearby and also want to shoot some video materials of students' raising flags, I choose to stay in the Yiju hotel next to the old city primary school. At about 8:30 in the morning, I pushed open the window to see that scene. I was immediately moved, picked up my camera to take a snapshot, and shared the impact of the snapshot to wechat friends circle. Many wechat friends praised it.

Although the child is late for school, he has a national flag and a country in his heart. If it wasn't for the school's daily patriotic education, he would not naturally show such a real reaction in the tense running. "Xu Hongen said that although this is just a simple behavior and picture, it fully and truly shows the red gene of the city, especially vividly interpreting the long-standing contribution of the government and schools in the new journey of building a national civilized city, such as continuously strengthening the education of the core values of youth and children's socialism, and the construction of minors' ideology and morality, Students have such internalization in mind and externalization in action.

In order to let more people share this feeling, Xu Hongen specially came to Laocheng primary school, contacted Zhu Changshou through the school gate guard, and handed the photos he took to the school. Xu Hongen said that the child should be praised well.

Jiang Chuanfang, the principal of Laocheng primary school, confirmed the situation to reporters. Jiang Chuanfang said that when the National Anthem rings, we should immediately pay attention to the national flag and salute the young pioneers. This is the school's daily education and basic requirements for all students. In fact, it's not only the third grade students who are late in the picture this morning, but also every student in the school will hear the national anthem.

According to reports, the old town primary school held a flag raising ceremony for all teachers and students in the playground every Monday, while the flag raising ceremony was held in the classroom from Tuesday to Friday.

"Late" children: a person's flag raising ceremony is the cultural landscape of the red city, but also the inheritance of the red gene from generation to generation. On the same day, the teachers of Laocheng primary school also produced a beautiful piece of "I salute the national flag, and civilization starts from you and me". This fingertip touch and warmth are constantly shared and spread in the microblog and wechat circle of friends.