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How to charge for the goods

Freight Lala is a transportation platform company, which aims to build a freight platform for customers and truck drivers. How much do you charge for the goods? How is the price determined? Come and have a look.

Details of charging standards for goods:

1. According to the model, there are 30 yuan, 55 yuan, 60 yuan and 100 yuan for every five kilometers, which are classified according to the size of the model. There are minivans, medium vans, minivans and medium vans. In addition, the prices of different cities are different, but the difference is not big!

2. There are different charging standards for different charging models five kilometers away. They are 3 yuan per kilometer for minivans, 4 yuan for medium vans, 5 yuan for minivans and 5 yuan for medium vans.

The free waiting time for loading and unloading small noodles, medium noodles and small goods is 40 minutes in total. After that, 5 yuan will be charged for every 10 minutes, and 10 minutes will be charged for less than 10 minutes. The free waiting time for loading and unloading of Chinese goods is 60 minutes in total. After that, 10 yuan will be charged for every 15 minutes, and 15 minutes for less than 15 minutes. The above costs include road and oil costs, and the cost of high-speed / parking lot shall be calculated separately.

Note: Please note that the cost displayed on the platform is freight, excluding handling, high-speed, parking and other costs. If there is any other demand, it is necessary to confirm the cost with the driver.