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Review of the elimination of Evergrande in 2018 Football Association Cup

Review of the whole process of elimination of Evergrande in 2018 FA Cup last night, the 2018 China Football Association Cup was fought again. There were two unexpected matches in this round. The matches between Guangzhou Evergrande and Guizhou Hengfeng, as well as the matches between the second level Nantong Zhiyun and Sichuan jiuniu, all played a penalty shoot out. Finally, Evergrande and Zhiyun, two teams that everyone liked before the match, were eliminated.

The most popular match in this round is a match between two Chinese teams, which is the second match between the two teams in three days this season. In the fifth round of the Chinese team last weekend, Nantong Zhiyun happened to meet Sichuan jiuniu, the opponent of the Football Association Cup, at home. Finally, with Zhu Zhengrong's second Meikai in the former East Asia 'culture and martial arts' combination, and Nan yunqi's Brocade Tianhua, Nantong Zhiyun 3:0 wins Sichuan jiuniu.

In the previous FA Cup competition, Nantong Zhiyun reversed last season's FA Cup champion Shanghai Shenhua to advance, while Sichuan jiuniu defeated Changchun Yatai in penalty shoot out. Who can win the opponent successfully will become the first team in the top eight of the FA Cup. Therefore, the strongest black horse competition in 2018 is about to start. Niniu and Zhiyun hope to make history. No matter who is promoted to the next round, they will be the first team in the top eight of the FA Cup.

Nantong home atmosphere is very hot, and the home team offensive also let people see their ambition to win. However, in the 27th minute of the game, nine bulls made a long pass to the right, Zhao Jun sent a slant plug, the ball bounced up on the feet of the defenders, Cao Yiyao, who inserted at high speed, shot and broke the door before the defenders and the goalkeepers. Sichuan jiuniu is 1:0 ahead of Nantong Zhiyun. Later in the game, Zhiyun launched a fierce attack, but they all gained momentum and didn't score. Until the 69th minute, Nantong Zhiyun got the chance of free kick on the left side of the front court, Zhu Zhengrong shot directly, the ball directly into the goal, Nantong Zhiyun 1:1 equalised the score. After 90 minutes, the two sides entered a penalty shoot out. Finally, after nine rounds of penalties, Sichuan jiuniu beat Nantong Zhiyun 9-8 to advance to the top eight. And they have become the first Chinese team in the history of the FA Cup to reach the top 8.

In Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and Guizhou Hengfeng achieved a 2:2 draw in 90 minutes. In the penalty shoot out war, Evergrande missed the penalty twice. Evergrande eliminated the defending champion Evergrande with the total score of 6:3, and made it to the top eight, which also created a big surprise.

At present, Jiangsu Suning e-commerce team, Guangzhou Fuli team, Shandong Luneng team, Beijing Renhe team, Guizhou Hengfeng team, Sichuan jiuniu team, Dalian team and Beijing Guoan team are respectively seated in the top eight of the FA Cup, while Sichuan jiuniu team, as the only low-level league team, will continue to be concerned by the outside world.