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Can I send a barrage in class? What's going on in the classroom of opening bullet curtain in College can I still send a barrage in class?! Use barrage to ask teachers and Tucao? Can we rob the red envelopes in class?! What kind of hat does the teacher wear for a semester?! Would you like to take a seat half an hour in advance for this course?! Don't be surprised. This is the real situation of the course "circuit principle" of Electrical Information Science in Sichuan University. Zhang Yingmin, the course teacher, is the "hat teacher" who Sichuan University has loved for many years.

Can I send a barrage in class? What's going on in the classroom of opening bullet curtain in Colleges and Universities

In the classroom of circuit principle, there is a circuit ppt on the large screen. On the platform, teacher Zhang Yingmin is talking about the circuit knowledge; under the platform, the students stare at the mobile phone with a serious look, and quickly press their thumbs on the mobile phone screen. At the moment, they are doing something urgent & hellip; & hellip; yes, send! Play! Curtain!

In a short while, there was a string of words on the big screen. There were a series of questions and answers. There were students' doubts, and various kinds of Tucao and ridicule: 'teacher, let's talk about false short and false break', 'Oh, no, just found it wrong,' 'the three giants returned to the throne', 'I didn't grab red envelopes for many years,'… … The moment becomes light and pleasant.

At this time, Zhang Yingmin stood on the platform and looked at the students' happy appearance below, and also showed a happy smile. Oh, by the way, she wore a different hat today. It's said that the hat she wore in class won't be the same for a semester.

Teacher Zhang's happy "bullet screen class"

Associate Professor Zhang Yingmin is a famous teacher in the school of electrical and information technology of our university. He has won the "excellent teaching award of young teachers in wuliangchun", "top 10 teachers' moral pacesetters", "top 10 young teachers' Teaching Award", twice "excellent teaching award" and five "young backbone teachers Award". He is also the person in charge of the provincial excellent resource course "circuit principle".

Zhang Yingmin said that class is her favorite part of work. For teaching, Zhang Yingmin's devotion and success can be seen from her awards, but she is not satisfied with this, but has been thinking about how to improve the effect of classroom teaching and make students learn better and better in the classroom.

By chance, Zhang Yingmin learned about the "rain classroom" auxiliary teaching method in the communication with Professor Yu Xinjie, Tsinghua University, the "first person of MOOC teaching in China".

This kind of auxiliary teaching method only needs mobile phones and wechat to complete the real-time interaction with students, which can solve the problem of insufficient communication between teachers and students in the course of circuit principle with hundreds of students. Zhang Yingmin's eyes brightened: 'now there are bullet screens for watching videos on the Internet. Sometimes those bullet screens are even more interesting than the content of the video itself. Rain class can let me use bullet screens in class. Students will find the class very fresh and interesting. '