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The brand of air conditioner recommended that the air conditioner should be made of good material

It's getting hotter and it's time to put away the thick quilt. Many families will choose air conditioning quilt in summer. In fact, there are many air conditioners in the market, but most of them are hollow fiber cotton. This kind of air-conditioning is moderately priced and has a good market, with prices ranging from 45 yuan to 300 yuan. But the price of silk air conditioner is more expensive, which is more than two or three hundred yuan. Xiaobian recommended several brands of air conditioner quilt to you today. Let's have a look.

The brand of air conditioner recommended that the air conditioner should be made of good material

Air conditioning is generally multiple

The air conditioner is generally 0.4-0.8kg, which is about a jin of weight. The species of spring and autumn quilt are 1.0-1.8kg, and the weight of winter quilt is more than 2.0kg, which is slightly different according to the physical strength of each person. In addition, we need to see the material, such as the duvet. The duvet under the same volume is lighter than other quilts. If it is a duvet, the weight can not exceed one jin.

What brand of air conditioner is good

​ Hengyuanxiang

Hengyuanxiang home textile is a brand dedicated to providing healthy bedding. Its products are made of natural or improved fibers for health and comfort. The air-conditioned quilt is made of polyester or 60 pieces of pure cotton satin, soft and comfortable, with smooth surface and no fading.

Mercury home textiles

Mercury home textile is one of the first brands to enter the home textile industry, with professional technical testing institutions, research and development and grasp the core technology of a variety of textile production. The air conditioner is made of fully combed fabric, soft and skin friendly; high-tech fiber filler, light and elastic, wrinkle resistant, and flat; non-standard sewing, novel personality, reveals details, more stable inside, suitable for all kinds of furniture.

Bo Yang home textiles

Boyang home textile is an enterprise that has been invested in home textile manufacturing for a long time. It is a leading brand in home textile industry. It has its own textile fabric production base and core technology, and its product design calls itself style. Its air-conditioned quilt is made of cotton, with good sewing thread, air permeability and softness, high-quality polyester filling, warm drainage, fluffy and comfortable.

What kind of material is the air conditioner made of

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Towel quilt

The towel quilt is made of pure cotton. It is fresh and quick to dry, soft and comfortable, light, breathable and not sultry. It is not only durable, but also machine washable, and will not fade after long use.

2. Silk quilt

The silk is delicate and long, soft and comfortable, comfortable to the skin, smooth and lustrous to the touch. The silk is airy and airy, and there is no pressure when covering, which can make you sleep more comfortable.

3. Duvet

Duvet is filled with down, which can absorb moisture and ventilate. When it's hot in summer, heat can be removed. Down has the characteristics of constant temperature. The air conditioning room is not cold, which can prevent cold and is durable.

4. Thin blanket

The blanket is made of pure cotton. Feel comfortable and soft, warm, and can prevent allergies, not easy to breed bacteria, will not cause skin allergies, conducive to sleep.