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What are the tips for summer heatstroke prevention and cooling

What are the tips for summer heatstroke prevention and cooling

Four seas network: it's about to enter the three dog days. The three dog days are the hottest time of the year. It's hot and hot in summer. It's the most important thing to do well in heatstroke prevention and cooling. What's the common sense of heatstroke prevention on the three dog days? Let's have a look with the four seas network editor!

Common sense of sunstroke prevention in dog days

I. in summer, it is not recommended to carry out outdoor and daytime strenuous activities such as mountain climbing. It is suggested to choose swimming, morning and evening jogging and other sports activities.

2. Drink plenty of boiled water, and drink regularly. Don't drink when you are thirsty. It's not suitable to drink too much when you are thirsty. Drink less juice, soda and other drinks, which contain more saccharin and electrolytes. If you drink too much, it will cause adverse gastrointestinal stimulation and affect digestion and appetite.

3. Do not drink too much. In summer, the human body is easily affected by temperature to accumulate damp and heat, and excessive damp and heat is the cause of skin ulcers, carbuncle and swollen poison. If you drink a lot of white wine, it will help heat and damp, just like adding oil to the fire.

4. Diet should not be too light. In summer, people have a long time of activity, sweat a lot and consume a lot. They should eat more nutritious food such as chicken, duck, lean meat, fish and eggs to meet the needs of human metabolism. In summer, seasonal vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato, etc., have high water content; fresh fruits, such as peaches, apricots, watermelons, melons, etc., have water content of 80-90%, which can be used to supplement water.

5. The nap time should not be too long. If the nap time is too long, the central nervous system will be further inhibited, and the blood flow in the brain will be relatively reduced, which will slow down the metabolic process, resulting in discomfort and more sleepiness after waking up.

6. Avoid 'fast cooling' after heating. In summer, when people go out or come back from work, they like to either turn on the electric fan or take a cold bath immediately, which will make the pores of the whole body close quickly, and the heat in the body will be hard to emit, and the blood supply of the brain will be insufficient due to the rapid contraction of the blood vessels in the brain, making people dizzy.

7. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference of air conditioner should not be too large. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference of air conditioner is not more than 5 ℃. Even if the weather is reheated, the indoor temperature of air conditioner should not be less than 24 ℃.

8. It is not suitable to wear metal jewelry. Some metals in metal ornaments are stained with sweat, and the skin may appear reddish or pruritus, which is easy to cause contact dermatitis.

9. When going out in summer, remember to prepare sunscreen. It's better not to walk in the hot sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you have to go out at this time, you must do a good job of protection, such as playing sunshade umbrella, wearing sunshade hat, wearing sunglasses, the best application of sunscreen.

10. The daily life should be regular and do not stay up late frequently. To ensure adequate sleep is also an effective measure to prevent heatstroke. When sleeping, pay attention not to lie under the air outlet and electric fan of the air conditioner.

11. When you go out, you should take heatstroke medicine, such as shidishui, Rendan, Fengyoujing, etc., to prevent emergency use.

Tips for summer heat prevention in dog days

Tip 1: avoid tiredness and ensure adequate sleep. A proper nap is very conducive to the recovery of physical strength. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent excessive sweating and body fluid damage.

Tip2: drink plenty of boiled water, and drink regularly. Don't drink when you are thirsty. It's not suitable to drink too much when you are thirsty.

TIP3: adjust your diet, try to eat less greasy food, eat more light food, and eat more "Qinghuo" food and drink, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, green tea, etc.

Tip4: don't be greedy for cool in high temperature. When you come back, don't wash your sweating body with cold water immediately, so as to prevent the pores of your body from suddenly closing and keep the heat in your body.

Tip5: when using the air conditioner to cool down, pay attention not to blow the air conditioner directly to the face, and do a facial massage at ordinary times.

Tip6: the best food companion for heatstroke prevention in summer: 1. Boiled water with salt: Chinese medicine says "boiled water is the king of hundreds of herbs" Tea: experienced health doctors often instruct people to drink tea to supplement summer

The loss of potassium in the human body. 3. Vinegar: people drink more water in summer, and their stomach acid will be reduced correspondingly, which will reduce their appetite. Appropriate amount of vinegar can increase the concentration of gastric acid, promote the stomach and help digestion. 4. Mung bean soup: mung bean soup has a unique heat relieving and heat clearing effect. According to traditional Chinese medicine, mung bean has the functions of relieving heat, clearing away heat and toxin, moistening throat and thirst, promoting water and swelling, and preventing heatstroke. 5. Balsam pear: some people regard watermelon as the treasure of summer heat relief. In fact, the most appetizing and refreshing melon food is balsam pear.