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Is memory pillow easy to use? Advantages and disadvantages of memory pillow

There are many kinds of bedding, such as pillows. There are many kinds of pillows on the market. What do you know about memory pillows? Come and have a look.

How about a memory pillow

In recent years, memory pillow has been used in some propaganda to save the world. In fact, it is a very mature technology. Although it has many advantages, it also has two sides. So let's check it for you to make a wiser choice.

Advantages of memory pillow

1. Absorb impact

Sleeping on the memory pillow can feel very relaxed, and the skin does not feel like compression, so it is also called zero pressure. In addition, sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, there will be pressure on the auricle, but it is not easy to use the slow memory pillow.

2. Anti bacteria and anti mite

The sponge of memory pillow can inhibit the growth of mould, and can also dispel the stimulating smell produced by mould reproduction and growth. When there is sweat saliva and so on, this effect is more prominent.

3. Ventilation and moisture absorption

Each cell unit of memory pillow is connected with each other, so it has excellent hygroscopic performance and air permeability.

4. Ergonomic

The wave shape design of memory cotton pillow is most in line with the physiological curve of human body, forming the support fitting the cervical vertebra. Space memory cotton's warm feeling shaping function makes the fit between the pillow and the head and neck more comfortable and perfect, which overcomes the problem of the deformation of the cervical spine caused by the traditional round or oval pillow when it sleeps.

5. Moderate hardness and softness

The soft and hard of space memory cotton pillow is moderate. Its magic is that it feels soft, but it's not soft on your pillow. This kind of soft hardness can support the head and neck and is very comfortable. A good pillow will make the head, auricle, neck, back, arm, hand and other places slightly numb or sore; a soft pillow can't keep the pillow's good support for the neck and head.

Disadvantages of memory pillow

Although the memory pillow has the function of anti mite, like the general pillow, it will often form fungi, mites and other microorganisms in a long time, which is not very good for human health. Fortunately, it can achieve good maintenance effect when placed in the ventilation place.

The common slow rebound material used in memory cotton pillow is a kind of chemical substance, which has certain harmfulness in terms of chemical composition. Does the volatilization of toxic and harmful substances of slow rebound meet the safety index?

Memory pillow can not prevent the oxidation process fundamentally, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, the oxidation process is accelerated and the peculiar smell is released.

Can memory pillows be washed

In general, the memory pillow does not need to be washed. If it is clearly identified that the memory pillow cannot be cleaned, it cannot be cleaned to prevent damaging the material characteristics of the memory pillow.

How to clean memory pillow

Memory cotton pillows generally have a layer of coat, which is detachable and can be washed by hand or by machine, but the inner core does not need to be cleaned. Do not put it in the washing machine to mix, so as to avoid damaging the structure of memory cotton and shortening its service life.

If it is necessary to clean the pillow core for a long time, here are the correct cleaning steps:

Take off the pillowcase

If you put the pillow in the pillowcase, please take it off now. Most memory foam pillows have extra zipper sleeves. You should take them out and separate them from the pillows.

Put a bucket of water in it.

For material sensitive foam pillow, washing machine is too rough, so this kind of pillow must be hand washed. Use a bucket or sink to hold warm water. You just need enough water to cover the pillow.

Add detergent

Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent to each pillow. Stir the water slightly by hand, let it bubble and mix well.

Cleaning pillow

Put the pillow in the water and turn it slightly to help the detergent penetrate into the pillow. Knead and squeeze the pillow by hand to remove the dirt, let the dirt pass through the outer layer and make the pillow clean.

Dry pillow

High temperature will destroy the memory foam and break it, so don't put the foam pillow into the dryer. Instead, spread a clean white towel in a dry place and put the pillow on it. If you can, please dry it in the sun.

Local cleaning method of pillow core:

1. Use a bowl of warm water and 1 tablespoon of mild detergent.

2, stir the water with clean cloth until the foam comes out and then you can wring the cloth.

3. If your pillow smells something else when you turn it over. This may be caused by skin or hair oil, make-up or hair dye products when you sleep, and may even have stains.

4. You can wipe dirty pillows with a damp cloth. Lightly smear the stain until it is removed.

5. Place the pillow in the shade of the room, avoid direct sunlight, and let it dry for 24 hours. Put the waterproof pillow over the pillow, and then use it again to prevent it from smelling.

Warm tip: the memory pillow is breathable and hygroscopic. Therefore, keep the product dry at all times, ventilate and dry regularly. Clean the pillow core with a vacuum cleaner or pat the pillow core gently with your hand every month or so. If it gets wet accidentally, please immediately use a towel to dry the water and put it in the ventilated place to dry.