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Order of use: before or after making up we all know that there are many advantages of beauty cultivation stick, but many girls put the wrong steps when using it. Is it used before or after makeup? Let's learn more about it.

Is the beauty stick used before or after makeup

The beauty stick is usually after the bottom makeup.

It is used to decorate the shape of the face. Highlight the t-area, chin and under the eyes, from the bridge of the nose to the wing of the nose, as well as the area near the hair on the face, as well as the cheek top, with light shadow powder. Make up look more solid.

Is it the last step to make up

Step1 first on the bottom of the foundation, pay attention to the face only the face, the side do not map, here pony demonstration products are Etude play101 foundation bar #3., here you can also choose their own makeup products can be makeup, this foundation bar color is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Step2 uses a brush to slowly fade out the foundation. Here pony also uses Etude's foundation brush. In this step, you should not be limited to the foundation and brush the foundation. You can choose the appropriate makeup tools, such as wet sponge, air cushion powder puff and fingers.

Step 3: make a large area of shadow on the side face, and draw a line along the hairline of the mandible, under the zygomatic bone and on both sides of the forehead.

Step 4 then use a brush to open the shadow. Here, you can also use sponge powder puffs like make-up eggs to open the shadow. This effect will be more natural and transparent.

Step 5 choose the double head repair stick to make the delicate repair, so that the shadow is more obvious and the contour is stronger. The product of choice here is the Aili cottage play101 double head shaving stick. Here, you can also use a brush to dip the shaving cream instead of painting.

Step 6 do not paint too wide on the bridge of the nose, but narrow it a little. Pay attention to drawing along the shape of the eye socket, rather than straight down from the brow, otherwise it will be more fierce.

Step 7 use the high light head of the double head repair stick to highlight the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, and the moment to enhance the contour and create a three-dimensional feeling.

Step 8: in this step, you can use your fingers to open the repair and highlight. Pay attention to the first halo and then halo and dye the repair!

Step 9 finally use the double leg repair stick to outline the clavicle, and then use the brush to open it.

Which is the better one

In appearance

Most of the shaving powder is pressure plate powder. A few of the shaving disks will be equipped with small brushes and no mirrors. The shape of the stick is mostly round, like a thick crayon, the smaller one, which is suitable for the bag.

In terms of texture

The powder is compact and powdery pressed to compress the powder, light and light. The beauty stick is paste, smooth and easy to push away, showing color.

From the point of makeup method

The powder should be moistened with a grooming brush and gently swept at the place where grooming is needed, such as the mandible, zygoma, hairline, etc. The beauty stick is applied to the part to be repaired, and then it can be pushed away by hand or sponge egg.