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How to clean household air conditioner in summer

Sihaiwang: in summer, it's the season of frequent use of air conditioning. The air conditioner that has been put for a long time must be cleaned before use. Some friends may think that the filter screen of the air conditioner at home is a little dirty, and they start to clean it by themselves, but they still need to remind consumers that they should also pay attention to some matters when cleaning themselves. In this way, the air conditioner can operate normally after cleaning the filter screen of the air conditioner. Here's how to clean the air conditioner for you, so that we can use it more clean and healthy.

Air conditioning cleaning method:

The cleaning of household air conditioner is conducive to improving the refrigeration and thermal efficiency, prolonging the service life of household air conditioner and improving the energy saving effect.

The cleaning of air conditioner shall include three parts:

First, the shell and exposed part of the air conditioner body, and the easily polluted parts;

Second, filter cleaning is the most important part of the core;

Third, the condenser and evaporator are relatively rare. They are combined with maintenance, which is equivalent to the cleaning of small system and belongs to a relatively large 'operation'. However, it is not recommended for users to carry out the maintenance of such air conditioners as old air conditioners, because the cleaning still costs money to some extent.

Home commonly used dishcloth, air conditioning cleaning agent, soft brush, soft texture.

1. Cleaning of air conditioning shell and filter screen

Open the window, ventilate and get the tools ready. First, wipe the air conditioning shell with a rag, then open the shell, disassemble the filter screen, brush with a clean filter screen brush, and clean most of the dirt attached to the filter screen, then put the filter screen into the washing powder water for a while, and finally flush the filter screen with flowing natural water, wipe it with a clean rag slowly, and then install the cleaned filter screen Return to the inside of the air conditioner and close the air conditioner housing.

2. Filter screen cleaning, the most important part of the core

First, turn on the air conditioning panel. On the left and right sides of the air conditioner, there are buttons that can open the panel. Users only need to find and push it up slightly to open the air conditioner panel and see the built-in filter screen. It's easy to take out the strainer. Push the filter screen up slowly by hand, and the filter screen can be easily taken out from the interior of the air conditioner. After taking out the filter screen, wash the back of the filter screen with clean water, and the dust will fall off automatically.

3. Clean the condenser of air conditioner indoor unit

When cleaning the condenser, attention shall be paid not to splash the cleaning liquid to the parts other than the air conditioner, especially the key parts of the built-in electric board of the air conditioner, which shall also be avoided during cleaning, so as to avoid short circuit of the electric board, causing faults and affecting the use. Attention should be paid to the choice of cleaning agent for household air conditioning. At present, this type of cleaning agent can be purchased in home appliance stores and supermarkets. After spraying the detergent, install the filter screen, close the panel and let it stand for 10 minutes, turn on the air conditioner, adjust the air volume and cooling capacity to the maximum, keep the air conditioner on for 30 minutes, and the whole process of cleaning the air conditioner has been completed.