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Pity mother's composition, brush screen, pity mother's original complete content

Pity mother's composition, brush screen, pity mother's original complete content I believe that everyone wrote a composition about mom and dad when they went to school. How do you describe your mom? Recently, there was a heated discussion about a composition about my mother on the Internet, in which it was said that "my mother is such a creature that makes me feel pity", which was surprising. What's the matter? Let's take a look at the original.

"Mother is a species that I pity"

Author: Wang Yushan

When it comes to my mother, I'm speechless. If I have to make a noise, I have only one sentence: 'ha ha. '

My mother's name is Chen Si. We should never say such a thing as "Chen Si". People who are called "Chen Si" often think, or a quiet and peaceful person. None of this has anything to do with my mother.

This is how my mother's day began. Since she told me to get up at 6:30 in the morning, she began to nag and repeat what she had to say almost every day for five years since she went to school: soup, get up to read early, right away, gogogogo. Read it out loud, and let me hear it. Oh, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, hello? Read it and recite it in QQ group? It will take more than two minutes to brush your teeth and wash your face after reciting. You can see that your eyes are still full of & hellip; & hellip; nagging. She is making breakfast in the kitchen. She will come to my room and have a look, say a few words, and go to cook again & hellip; & hellip;

In a word, it's just that I nag about everything, and I don't leave until I carry my bag on my back and go out, and she childishly pretends to say "goodbye baby", then it's over. At noon, I came home from school. From the time I saw her, I began to nag again and again & hellip; & hellip; again and again, never changed or improved.

If anyone says she is her name, I only have ha.

My mother is a literary editor. Maybe it's the kind of person who changes the article for others. So, you know, she can't read any of my compositions, saying that I write either without a central idea or without a clear sentence, either too naive or mature, or without a good word or a good sentence, or with a metaphor to imitate people, or with a bad beginning or a bad ending.

In a word, the composition I wrote is not as good as bullshit in her eyes. Several times the teacher chose my composition to participate in the competition, she actually sent a wechat to the teacher and said a lot of problems with my composition. Finally, she suggested that the teacher should not take it out, because there was no play. But she never directed me to write a composition, nor changed it for me. She only pointed out a lot of problems when checking my homework.

If anyone said that there was an editor's mother, the composition would be easy and natural. I have only 'ha ha'.

I think my mother is a multifaceted person. She was gentle in front of others, smiling, with a soft voice. The content of the speech sounds very understanding. But it's totally different to talk to me. It's a roar of a lion. At this time, her face is ferocious and her eyes are staring like a bronze bell. And she turned her face as fast as she turned a book. I was yelling at here, and she turned into a gentle little sister when she answered the phone. She had a dress with a white background and a big tiger head with a big mouth and black lines printed on her chest. I think this dress is particularly suitable for her. This dress represents her heart, and it's hidden.

If anyone says my mother is very gentle, I only have ha ha.

My mother seems to be very proud of being an editor, sometimes quietly showing off what author's articles and books she has compiled. But sometimes, when she was teaching me with great care, she would suddenly say something pointless: young people don't work hard, grow up to be editors & hellip; & hellip; I am dizzy, is it good or bad to be editors? Is she proud or self abased? God knows. I suspect she's just piling up sentences to make her head stand out in front of me.

If anyone said that my mother is very logical because of her writing work, I have to ha ha.

My mother has a kind of ability, that is, to attack me in all kinds of ways and with innuendo. She didn't say a word about me, but every word she said pointed to my heart like a sword.

For example, it's so easy for a family to take time to watch TV. She pretended to talk with her father and said, "who do you think is so good? Do you think he has become so good by watching TV at home all day?"? Good people don't watch TV. They let others watch it on TV. Imagine, can I still watch TV?

In this respect, her reasons are pile by pile, and she is right on the contrary. It's beautiful to eat vegetables. Eating radish is good for the skin. It's been practising for at least one sitting for two hours. Exercise helps to grow taller. Practicing calligraphy helps to condense Qi and gather spirit & hellip; & hellip; is her truth. And for every reason, she gave a bunch of examples, which I couldn't think of to refute for a while. I am determined to read more books and know more about all aspects. One day I will make her tongue tied and speechless.

In fact, my mother is very naive sometimes.

In July of this year, she picked up a kitten and easily named it Xiaoqi. Kitten grows up and jumps around the house. She sighs every day. She sighs three times a day and says, "well, I wish I were as agile as Xiaoqi.". Sometimes she and Xiaoqi stare at each other and murmur: Xiaoqi, let's change the day? You are me, I am you.

Cut, I sneer at this, it's just wishful thinking.

I remember when I was in kindergarten, when I was more than five years old, she and I were playing on the roof of the building. I held the handrail and climbed up. In fact, I would not climb so high, who didn't know it was so dangerous. She stopped me and said: don't climb soup, be careful Spiderman will catch you.

I'm 'Le' my mother, spiderman is a fiction, OK? What's more, spiderman is a positive person. Can you help others?

The only thing worth mentioning is that she also allows me to read some idle books. I also like the books she bought for me, such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, dream of the red chamber, outlaws of the marsh and journey to the West. I like Harry & middot; Potter most, which she bought for me. I read it several times and over and over again. Finally, she couldn't bear it. When my good friend came to my house to play, she forced me to agree to give it to my good friend. Seriously, I was reluctant to part with her. Goodbye, my Potter.

This is my mother. To be honest, it's hard for me to find out what's good about her. These are just a drop in the bucket of life, but you can imagine from the inside.

Sometimes, when she quarreled with me excessively, she would scold herself, apologize to me afterwards, and then ask me intentionally or unintentionally: soup, do you hate mom?

I see that she shows her true feelings, and then I tell you the truth: hate at that time, and don't hate in the past.

She was shocked, then her shoulders fell down and her voice became cautious: do you really hate me?

Seeing her frightened look, I had to comfort her: at that time, you quarreled so fiercely and sometimes beat twice. Did you let me love you then? I know that you are all for my good. I don't like you so much. What's strange.

She listened to this and thought about it before she was relieved. I only laugh at her in my heart, she is not so strong, but also rely on me to love her to become strong in front of me. I can see that she's just a bitch, only yelling at me and dad at home.

I don't want to say at the end of the sentence 'how do I love my mother, though how do I love her?' because who really knows what is love? Just like my mother sometimes quarrels with me, she says it's because she loves me; when she hugs me and kisses me, she also says she loves me. She makes me nutritious meals three times a day, forces me to exercise, lets me learn this and that, criticizes me and praises me, often noisy, occasionally warm & hellip; & hellip; if these are all love, then I also love her. After all, there will always be a "mother" species in the world, and this species should be pitied by our mothers' children.

Don't ask me why I use the word "pity" here, I don't quite know. This is a word that I just learned. It can only be understood and cannot be said.

This is not the first time for class representatives to read this kind of writing about their mother. In fact, they have seen a lot of this kind of writing. But this time, after reading the full text, class representatives feel funny and moved. Although the author's words are full of repugnance, everyone who has read the full text will surely feel the most sincere love of a child to his mother contained in the repugnance.

In the article, the author of the mother's Tucao: nagging, dislike "I" composition, forcing me to eat nutritious meals to exercise, so that "I" to learn this, and so on, almost every student, including class representatives have encountered in real trouble, then what we think, how to do it? I'm sure it's all 'boring! "Why don't you eat / do it yourself! 'and we all know that all kinds of disrespect and confrontation at that time became gratitude and regret later.

Mom seems to be very strong. She can work outside and earn money. She can do housework at home. She seems to know everything and is not afraid of anything. But in fact, mother is also very fragile. She will apologize after quarreling with us. She will ask carefully: 'do you hate me? At this time, we know that she is not so strong, but also rely on & lsquo; I & rsquo; love her to become strong in front of me. '

After all, there will always be a & lsquo; mother & rsquo; species in the world, which should be pitied by our mothers' children. '

Why is' mother 'a species worthy of mother's children's pity? You know what?