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What 's the popular hairstyle for boys in 2018? Recommended Hairstyles for good-looking boys in 2018

What's popular for boys in 2018? What's popular for boys in 2018 as the saying goes, hairstyles that can be cut off can't be disordered. Hairstyles can improve a person's beauty to a large extent. Now boys also care about beauty. So what hairstyles are popular for boys in 2018? Let's have a look.

Style 1 this boy's short hair is super fashionable, with curly hair and curly bangs.

Style 2 the hair cut from both sides is also the shape that boys like very much in the past two years. While handsome, it can also elongate the face shape and increase the visual height.

Style 3 this short hair has no shovel on both sides, and has a layered design, which is not less handsome. If the last one gives the impression of being a model man, this one gives the impression of being a beautiful man.

Style 4 is also the hair cut off from both sides, but the size of the shovel is different. The hair on the top of the head will be blown back and shaped. It's super fashionable.

Style 5 is suitable for the big star, the bangs cover the forehead with simple short hair, fresh and neat, many boys like it.

Slanted bangs are recommended for Asian hair styles

Most of the boys in China like to keep such slanted bangs, which are probably the sequelae of previous idol dramas. It's the mark of the times to shake the bangs, turn the bangs and blow the bangs.

Short hair type

Short hair board inch is a tough shape, suitable for most people's facial shape, which can make the thinner top become thicker and more ideal.

The two sides of the short hair and the back of the head should be scooped clean, as fresh as possible, and the middle hair should be long and short, which is not pompous and handsome. Although not very amazing but full of sunshine and confidence.

The short hair type combs the hair style, the middle long hair style, but the two sides are shorter, of course, this idea can also be used for the shorter hair. It's a very versatile hairstyle, suitable for most occasions and clothing styles.

Side classification

The side classification combs the head to one side, makes a bar, and thins the sides and the back mainly for the convenience. Use hair oil to set the shape, do not cling to the scalp, slightly fluffy. This kind of hairstyle is cool and suitable for fashion people.

On the side classification, if you can't hold it, you can trim the hair on both sides very short. The hair in the middle position is all combed to one side, and the hair volume is less, which can also make the side parting hairstyle attractive.

Side classification, a slightly longer side classification, is suitable for young people with a little personality and publicity, who prefer college students, but also look a little youthful in uninhibited.

2018 latest hair style inventory 1. Texture on top

After watching so many hairstyles, the last thing I heard was "oil head is suitable for you". This wave of oil head fashion was set off in 2016. Many people tried to flatten both sides and use hair oil to comb the whole hair back. However, the smooth hair style like oil head has changed in 2018. You can increase the curl in the way of hot roll on the top of the head, deliberately create a sense of irregularity, so that the face can be visually elongated.

2.Long(er) Hair

In the past, boys' long hair has always been very rigid, but with the stars in Europe and the United States starting to grow long hair in recent years, the long hair storm is gradually rising to a level! So in 2018, boys can try to keep elegant long hair style, such as British style, decadent style, rock and roll style, which can be interpreted by long hair.

3.The Throwback Cut

Long hair is not your own style, you can try the retro split hair style with medium long hair. Although it's also long, it's sharp and even a little mature. Stars from Europe, America and even South Korea often use the medium-sized hairstyle, and the exposed forehead is not only fresh, but also can stretch the visual effect for men with short faces.

4.Colour Up

To find a hair style that suits you, you need to consider matching the hair color. In 2018, for example, silver gray, white, gold, etc., use a relatively distinct color system to add features. But before dyeing, you should consider whether your job is suitable for you!