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What skills do love need? How to keep fresh in love

What skills do love need? How to keep fresh in love people in love are always on the lookout, sometimes there are some differences or disputes, both sides are not willing to admit their mistakes, leading to feelings cracks, in fact, love also needs skills, in addition to sincerity, skills can better maintain the feelings of two people, so what skills do love need? Let's have a look.

Do you need skills to fall in love

Of course, falling in love needs skills. As the saying goes, bridge section is not afraid of the old, as long as she (he) accepts. What do you mean? It doesn't matter any skill. As long as this person is interested in you, she (he) will naturally give you a chance to flirt.

And love experience is not rich enough children's shoes, what skills do you have? Use your innocence to move the other side, use your persistence to influence the other side. Your skill is that you don't have any skill, no move, no win.

And love experienced children's shoes, your skills is your past experience. It's so easy for you to do what you say and what you say. But it has to be the object of your true love, otherwise your skill is to frame each other.

All in all, there is no need to install. The premise of falling in love is that you like each other and they like you.

You know what effective ways to flirt


'be obedient! '

'I'll do anything'

'look at your circle of friends. Are you unhappy recently? '

Three golden sentences of flirting with younger sister

Hundred test lark


Wallop, kiss

Try to kill


You look like a friend of mine

Girl friend


Put the paper of mathematics and chemistry on the table

Which question can't I teach you


Unbutton the third button in a white shirt


The face of song Zhongji

Is the most effective technique


Go out on a date

Real estate certificate, car key and household register


I'm afraid of you

Because I'm afraid of my wife


If your ex boyfriend and your current boyfriend fall into the water at the same time

Can you be my girl friend?


Group wechat

Someone will answer


I can take pictures. I can take pictures


It's shameless to flirt

Don't flirt


Buy whatever you want

How to keep fresh in love

The man heavy feeling, the feeling will pass with the passage of time

Women attach great importance to feelings, which will be deep with the passage of time

People should be like a book that can't be turned over. When the readers feel that they can see through the ending, they will have no end. That's what it's like.

Instead of keeping love fresh, it's better to keep mysteries. Like that endless book, it's addictive and always wants to see the end, but the end is not coming, and in the process of pursuing the end, it's deeply attracted by the book and even sink.

For me, there is no problem of keeping freshness, but it depends on people themselves.

I personally only fall in love with a man because of his' brain '.

This brain refers to:

First, relatively high IQ, at least not worse than me.

Secondly, we should have enthusiasm for life, especially for new things. An interesting person must be a person who is not rigid, conservative or complacent. A person who is curious about life is mostly an interesting person, which is the source of the freshness, especially when there are endless new topics to discuss between two people, they don't need to worry about the freshness.

So, let's think about it. Have we created all kinds of different 'stimuli' for each other?

How do you eat every day? What do you have to eat? What's the route to the cinema? Take this seat this time. Do you want to change it next time? Do you want to try new ways of playing every time even when you are playing? New look? Wait.

Can you play for a long time? Can you play for a long time?

Those who say that love will disappear, I think your freshness, are, too, low, level.

Especially from the look at the face to see the figure to see the feeling of money, very realistic, although very reasonable, but really low-level.

A large number of men, after catching up with girls, become 'uninteresting'. You're right.

But in fact, it's wrong. Together, it's just a beginning, not an end. If we all take a serious attitude towards a relationship, we should better manage it, devote ourselves to it and water it. Not a pool of stagnant water.

In particular, the spiritual level of communication and communication is more important than how many times you have eaten, watched movies, and slept.

After watching a movie, have you talked about the details of the movie or some good reviews?

Have you made an agreement to read a book and have a deep discussion with each other?

Girls have so many ways to paint their makeup. Do boys encourage girls to try different styles and tell your girlfriend which style is best for you?

There are too many examples to give.

What's the freshness? It's stimulation.

So how do you maintain this enduring appeal?

Please constantly enrich your brain, improve your appearance, and make yourself an interesting person.