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What happened to the refund of "later we" on April 30, the recently released movie "later we" became the focus of the Internet due to the suspected ticket swiping problem. It is reported that the box office of "later we" pre sold more than 100 million, and the box office of the first day was 280 million. However, netizens on the Internet said that there was a large-scale refund of tickets for "later we", which was later confirmed by various theaters. In addition, many refunds come from the cat's eye platform, so some people begin to suspect that this is the cat's eye. According to the China film news, the film Bureau has preliminarily determined that the ticket refund of the film is indeed abnormal, and the specific issues need to be studied.

On September 29, the relevant directors of the film Bureau interviewed the film producers, distributors and other relevant personnel, required to immediately improve the ticket refund mechanism, carefully identify the existing loopholes, further sort out the situation, improve the data, and form a written report to the competent department.

The head of the film Bureau said that no matter which film, it should win the audience's love with its film quality. We will resolutely oppose unfair competition, any act of box office fraud, and any act of disrupting the film market, disrupting the market order, and damaging the overall interests and reputation of the film industry. Once it is found out, it will be dealt with seriously.

According to the information released by cat eye, as of 23:00 on April 28, the number of suspected malicious tickets swiped and refunded by cat eye platform was about 380000, involving about 13 million box office tickets, accounting for 4.6% of the total box office of 280 million on that day, and the orders of malicious tickets swiped were concentrated in preferential tickets such as 19.9 yuan (details). They have submitted the relevant detailed data and evidence to the competent authority, and will cooperate with the competent authority for further detailed investigation. Meanwhile, they have sought data assistance from the state film special fund office.