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Do you want to turn off WiFi when you sleep at night? Does WiFi radiate much to human body?

For some people who like health preservation, they often send some alarmist health preservation leave messages in their friends' circle. Do you want to turn off WiFi when sleeping at night? Does WiFi radiate to human body?

It is recommended to turn off Wi Fi when not in use

WiFi has brought us a lot of convenience in our life. There is no need to connect a long network line to the Internet. Wherever there is WiFi coverage, you can surf the Internet at will. WiFi is everywhere in our life. We can't see or touch it. If it's the wind, it's not the wind. When the spring wind blows, we can feel the wind coming. WiFi, however, is not only invisible, colorless and tasteless, but also has no idea that there are WiFi signals everywhere. Every day, the food, clothing, housing and transportation are surrounded by the signals sent by WiFi. Even if I turn off WiFi, I am surrounded by other people's WiFi signals. When we turn on the mobile WLAN, we will automatically search for the surrounding so-called WiFi with signal coverage. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

In fact, the WiFi we touch in our daily life refers to the wireless local area network. The radiation emitted by the wireless devices of the network is very low and slight. The WiFi devices used in ordinary families are tested by electromagnetic radiation analyzer. Near the WiFi devices, the maximum measured value is 10MW / M & sup2;, and the minimum value is a few zeros, or even zero. Then, the radiation value (30MW / M & sup2;) of mobile phones with poor connection or signal is tested, which is far higher than that of WiFi devices. At the same time, China has strict regulations on the transmission power of WLAN products, which requires that the radiation value should not exceed 10MW / m2, while other countries have relatively loose requirements, for example, Japan should not exceed 100MW / M & sup2; In general, it is no more than 50MW / M & sup2; in European and American countries;. According to the regulations on electromagnetic radiation protection, the executive data of the limit value of occupational exposure is power density of 20W / M & sup2;, while 1W = 1000MW, and the daily WiFi radiation value is far from the minimum value that endangers the health of the body. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Although there is no data to prove the negative impact of WiFi on human body, there is no clinical evidence that the disease is caused by WiFi radiation. However, experts still remind users that if there are elderly people, children, pregnant women or people with low immunity at home, it's better to keep the wireless router at a distance of 1 meter or more from their range of activity. At night, when sleeping, the WiFi router and the WLAN function of the mobile phone should be turned off as much as possible. When using the computer, try not to put it on the thigh, but on the computer table On or special shelves, the router should not be placed in the bedroom or bedside as far as possible. Some green plants that absorb radiation can also be planted in the room, and the room can be beautified at the same time.