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Peace elite Picardo survival strategy Picardo search resource skills

Peace elite Picardo survival strategy Picardo search resource skills many players of peace elite like to choose areas with rich resources. Picasso is a stronghold with rich resources in desert areas, so there are many people jumping Picasso. The competition for survival is quite fierce. How can they survive in Picasso? Let's take a look at the introduction and strategy of Picardo game.

Map location

Picardo is located in the center of the desert map, facing the cemetery in the East, St. Martin in the north, and the power station in the northwest. However, the south is empty, and there are basically no large-scale resource points. Relatively speaking, the location is relatively independent, showing a quadrangular distribution with the above three large resource areas.

Architectural analysis

Compared with the super large resource points such as lion city, pickup is not a big point, but why do so many people jump? Because similar points such as Saint Martin and lion city have scattered buildings, wide area and long search time, while pickup has relatively concentrated resources and faster search. That's why piccado and villas are often as dense as' dumplings'!

Advanced architecture

There are two main points in the area with concentrated multi-level resources: casinos and boxing houses

These two natural needless to say, jump point number of people, so are generally shooting better hawk players preferred building. There is a certain distance between the two buildings, and there is a red office block in the middle, so generally, they can only choose one from the other, rarely meeting the situation that both sides can collect.

The casino building has two floors and a big hole in the roof. In addition to the large and small doors on the first floor, the roof can also be lowered directly, and the interior center area can be directly accessed from the roof. And the roof also has a good chance of high-grade materials, so it is also a recommended way of landing.

The boxing house is a building similar to the stadium. For details, please refer to the Colosseum. The internal center area is relatively open, with few bunkers. It belongs to the area of "meeting is doing", which is not accessible to non gun players. There are stairs around the interior of the building. After climbing to the high-rise, you can have a good view of all the movements inside the building.

Other buildings

1. Small second floor area in the lower left corner of the South and bungalow houses in the Southwest

2. Warehouse area in the lower right corner of the South

3. West bungalow area

4. Multi center red office area of pickup

5. Uncompleted bungalow in the mountain area in the North

As mentioned before, the areas where the players are relatively concentrated are in the 'boxing Hall' and 'casino'. If the players are not very confident in shooting skills, they can settle in these areas.

Recommended locations of steel gun players: boxing hall, casino, red office building

Stable player recommendation points: North uncompleted building area, South right lower warehouse area, West bungalow area

More chaotic areas:

The bungalow area in the lower left corner of the south, which contains a three-story blue building, belongs to the area where there are more casual players, and is close to the casino, which relatively tests the players' adaptability, because your enemies may come from multiple directions.

The above is the survival strategy of the Jedi survival and peace elite Picardo. The little friends who are not good at shooting should not go to the boxing hall. Search the small house outside and come in again. To learn more about Jedi survival and peace elite strategy, please pay attention to 87g Jedi survival and peace elite!