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How to use the Thomson submachinegun

Four seas net: "peace elite" Thomson submachinegun easy to use. Analysis of Thomson's practical use of submachinegun in elite of peace. In reality, Thomson submachine gun has outstanding strength and is widely used in the battlefield. So is Thomson's submachinegun so powerful in "peace elite"? Let's take a look at its practical application.

Actual combat application

Thomson's default load is 30 rounds, but the load can be directly increased to 50 rounds after the expansion. In the case of complete accessories, excellent single shot damage and super high clip capacity make Thomson have unparalleled advantages in continuous operation and explosive output. In the face of medium and short-range targets, you can improve your shooting accuracy with the help of your own mechanical aiming. In addition, because of the good stability of the guns themselves, the rear seat of the strafing in the close combat is highly controllable. As long as the players use it properly, the initial house area operation can be called a hegemony.

But the defect is also obvious. Compared with other guns, the biggest disadvantage of Thomson submachine gun is that it can't install sight. And the muzzle and grip parts can only be installed with one kind, so in the actual combat, in addition to the grip, the muzzle parts can not get higher attribute improvement, and as a close combat gun, the function of the muffler can not be used to the best, which is a dispensable part. The effect of not being able to install a sight is to limit the ability of long-range operations.

In the aspect of close combat, we should pay attention to Thomson's long-term firepower, which can effectively suppress the ultimate enemy when he is equipped with expansion clips. In actual combat, strafing is usually used directly. Spot shooting is not recommended because it has the disadvantage of hindering vision.

Thomson's role is mainly reflected in the early stage of the game in the room combat, master the use of skills, complete accessories, and the opponent's steel gun, even in the face of the use of rifles opponents do not give way. In the middle and later stages of the game, firearms do not have the ability of medium and long-range operations, so it is recommended to replace them with rifles. Generally speaking, it belongs to a more powerful submachine gun in the transitional weapons.