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Can marriage bed sleep ahead of time

Can marriage bed sleep ahead of time it's a custom to sleep in marriage bed. Everyone has different ideas. Can marriage bed be used for others? Can marriage bed go to bed early? If you don't care about the traditional customs, you don't need to worry about it. If you like the customs very much, let's see if the marriage bed can sleep before marriage.

Can marriage bed be used for others

May not. Never lend your wedding bed to others. When we get married, many friends and guests come to our house. They don't have enough bed at night. Don't make up their bed for the guests anyway.

If it's a family member, it's OK, but if it's an unrelated guest who lives in your bedroom and sleeps in your wedding bed, it will lead to a decline in your fortune. So remember not to give your wedding bed to others.

Can marriage bed go to bed early

It's better not to go to bed early. Before marriage, after the wedding bed is ready to be decorated properly, it is usually waiting for the bride to live in before sleeping. Before marriage, the groom to be cannot sleep in the wedding bed alone, which means that he will be alone after marriage, which is very unlucky. If there is no other place to rest, you can find a young boy to sleep in a new bed. Of course, these are customs. If you don't value customs, you don't need to consider them.

Can the wedding bed sleep in advance before marriage? If you don't care about the traditional customs, you don't need to ask. You can do whatever you want, but for people who obey the customs, these are very important.

Do you have to change the wedding bed

It depends on the ideas of the bride and the groom as well as their parents. According to the custom, the wedding bed generally needs to be changed. Because changing a new wedding bed means a new beginning, which has a better start to the life of the new couple after marriage. If both parties don't mind changing, they can do without changing. If the man or the woman want to do it according to the custom, it's better to change it. There is no mandatory requirement for change.

Some taboos about marriage bed

After marriage bed, we need to rely on

The wedding bed should be placed where there is a support. That is to say, the best way to put the wedding bed is to stick to the wall instead of relying on all sides. If you can lean against the wall on both sides, it's best. If you can't lean against the wall on both sides, at least you should lean against the wall on one side. Now some people like to decorate the wedding room in a grand and luxurious way, and put a bed in the middle of the room. In fact, this is not in line with our traditional concept of fengshui, and there is no sense of security when sleeping.

Wedding bed away from toilet

Now our master bedroom is generally equipped with an independent toilet, which will surely facilitate our daily use of the toilet, but from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is unreasonable, and the wedding taboo has made clear that the toilet should be far away from the divorce bed, because the toilet is the source of pollution, which will affect the relationship between husband and wife and family harmony. So try not to take a wedding room without a bathroom.

Do not press the crossbeam to the top

The top of the crossbeam is a great taboo of fengshui, so is our marriage bed taboo. If the wedding bed is placed directly under the roof beam, the roof beam will suppress and contain the owner's fortune, which is very bad for the owner's fortune. If you want to make a good start in your career, you should never put the wedding bed under the beam.