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What is Xiaomi's personnel adjustment? What personnel adjustments Xiaomi has made

Group photo of eight co founders of Xiaomi, Lin bin, Huang Jiangji, Zhou Guangping, Lei Jun, Li Wanqiang, Liu De, Wang Chuan and Hong Feng from left to right Xiaomi's proposal of 5% hardware comprehensive net interest rate and two senior management adjustments in half a year is the final preparation for listing. Late on the night of April 27, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, announced the appointment of Zhou Xiaomi CFO as senior vice president of the company. Lei Jun said he expected Zhou to play a greater role in finance, investment and HR. Lei Jun also announced that Zhou Guangping and Huang Jiangji, CO founders of Xiaomi, resigned from the company. Lei Jun said that for personal reasons, the two co founders decided to choose a new lifestyle and will resign from their positions in the company.

Zhou, a Singaporean, graduated from the Economics Department of University College London and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, according to public information. Zhou Chengzi joined Xiaomi as CFO in July 2015. Before that, he worked in DST, Goldman Sachs and other companies. It is worth mentioning that the companies invested during his tenure in DST include Xiaomi, Jingdong, Alibaba, Didi taxi, etc. Zhou Beizi is also DST's head of Xiaomi investment project.