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Why should eat folic acid to be pregnant before be pregnant again folic acid time? many mothers know that folic acid supplementation before pregnancy can greatly reduce the rate of fetal deformity. However, many expectant mothers who are accidentally pregnant worry that they will worry about the health of the fetus if they don't eat folic acid. Is it still useful to supplement folic acid after pregnancy? What are the functions of folic acid? Let's learn about it together! (this article is edited and collated by and reprinted to indicate the source. Link:

The most important purpose of folic acid supplementation before and during pregnancy is to prevent fetal neural tube malformation. A large number of studies have shown that pregnant women lack folic acid, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, which is easy to cause fetal neural tube malformation. The so-called fetal neural tube malformations include anencephaly, fetal spina bifida and so on. In addition to neural tube malformations, if pregnant women lack folate, it is also easy to cause stillbirth, abortion, low birth weight and other malformations.

Folic acid belongs to B vitamins, which can not be synthesized in human body and can only be taken from food. Although folic acid widely exists in almost all foods, most of the folic acid in the food is destroyed due to the traditional cooking method of high-temperature frying and boiling in our country, and the absorption rate of human intestinal tract to folic acid is only 25% - 50%. Therefore, it is suggested that before and during pregnancy, women need to supplement folic acid additionally.

At present, dfe600 & mu; g / D, dfe400 & mu; g / d before pregnancy, and dfe500 & mu; g / D of lactating women are recommended for the intake of folic acid in different stages, and the maximum allowable daily intake is dfe1000 & mu; g / d.

When should folic acid supplement start?

Because after 4 weeks of folic acid supplementation, the lack of folic acid in the body will be improved. After 12-14 weeks of continuous supplementation, the plasma concentration of folic acid in the body will reach the effective level and stable state. Therefore, it is generally recommended to supplement folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy, so as to ensure that the maternal folic acid is at an effective level during pregnancy. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

How long does it take to supplement folic acid?

Because the occurrence time of various neural tube malformations caused by folic acid deficiency is the first three months of pregnancy, and the fetus is the most sensitive and prone to malformation in the first three months of pregnancy, and the malformations are relatively serious, so it is recommended to supplement folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy. In addition, the recommended intake of folic acid for pregnant women is 600-mu; g / d. if the dietary intake of pregnant women can not be met, additional supplementation is recommended.

In addition to folic acid, there are many multivitamins specially provided for pregnant women and pregnant women, which also contain folic acid. One vitamin per day can be supplemented, which is simple and convenient! (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted the source, original link:

Fathers to be need folic acid as well. When men are short of folic acid, semen concentration will decrease, sperm vitality will decrease, and the probability of fetal chromosome abnormality will increase. Folic acid supplementation can improve sperm quality and make your tadpole swim more active.