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Ten most popular English songs in April 2018

Four seas network: in addition to Chinese songs, many English songs are also popular. Let's take a look at 2018.

2018 the most vibrant voice.

1.Me Too -- Meghan Trainor

Me too is a song released in 2016 by American female singer Megan & middot; Trina, which is an alternative rock music with electronic factors. In 2018, when a girl imitated all kinds of famous paintings on the trill, the me too was used as BMG to make the song flash fire.

2. 80000 (cover PRC Bayin Khan) - Ye Chen

The original singer of the song is rapper Bayankhan, whose sister Sanna sang the song on the jitter, causing concern because of the beautiful gesture and dance.

3. Like I Would --Zayn Malik

The original singer is the male singer Zayn Malik (Zen · Malik). This song has a strong sense of rhythm, and it is a popular BMG music when the users are dancing.

4. Spection – Fractal

The original author of the song is Fractal, the European Electronic artist. Because of the heavy music of the music, over one thousand and five hundred people use it as a BMG to perform various performances.

5. Bikini Body – Dawin

Bikini body is a song released by Dawin Polanco in 2016. Dawin is not only a post-90s American pop singer, but also the author and record producer of lyrics and songs. This non main bikini body song has an easy and powerful melody, which makes the song can be used as both a dance BMG and a variety of funny actions BMG. A simple daily video plus this song will bring a lot of brilliant things. So it's an essential BMG for vibrato enthusiasts.

6. See It Again -- Loud Luxury

Loud Luxury is a singer group in Canada. See it again is a very nice song. There are 580 thousand videos on the jitter, using it to do BMG.

7. Down In The DM -- Yo Gotti

The song is the work of American hardcore rapper yo Gotti. The official activity recommended by shaking is the use of this song as BMG, because the dance is simple, which attracts many people to imitate, and this song follows the fire.

8. HandClap -- Fitz and The Tantrums

"Handclap" is a song sung by Fitz the tantrums. It belongs to European and American pop music.

9. If You Feel My Love 。。。 -- Blaxy Girls

The singer of the song is a few girls who are very popular. This is a rock music with strong Chinese style. Some people like to imitate this song which is interspersed with Peking Opera.

10.try try try--Jason Mraz

Try try is a European and American style song sung by Jason Mraz, a famous American singer. It was included in the album try try try, which was released in May 2009.