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Peace elite happy village skill strategy peace elite happy village search resource route

Peace elite happy village skill strategy peace elite happy village search resource route the peace elites have updated the desert map. There is a happy village in the desert map. The resources in the happy village are relatively not many and the competition is relatively small. So how to fight the happy village of the peace elites? Let's take a look at the strategy of happy village with Xiaobian.

Happiness village is located in the middle, and there is a great chance that the first two rounds will become a safe area directly. In terms of the time for collecting materials, there are relatively sufficient guarantees.

From the perspective of aerial photography, we can clearly see the pattern of a sinkhole, which will not deviate from the channel on the way of parachuting.

In fact, the happy village is not big. At first glance, it seems that there are many houses. If there is a natural sense of strangeness and exclusion about houses, then you don't need to worry. When the distance is getting closer, you will find that there are not many houses.

There are many potholes in the ground, that is, houses that are broken to the ground.

For players looking forward to landing Level 3, this place is not fertile, but it's not a place where birds don't lay eggs. The personal feeling is more stable than the equipment output of the cemetery.

In fact, the main reason for recommendation here is the broken foundation, which can help novice players to be familiar with jumping, climbing, crossing and other skills. And in the whole process, it will not lose the perspective or direction because of the action is too big.

Then we need to pay attention to the surrounding houses. These houses, which rarely have two floors, have a very simple overall structure. You can open the door or turn the window. There are no complex rooms or halls. When you open the door, you can see almost all the materials.

At the same time, due to the structure of the house, the search order is very clear, and it is not easy to miss or repeat the search.

The structure of the second floor is also very simple. The first floor can be rotated once. Besides building a two floor, the structure is exactly the same as that on the first floor. Don't worry about the Tibetans at the stairway. Even if there are people, there will be room for the first World War, so as not to let the fall be too sudden or too unexpected.

Finally, share the equipment status after the search. Level 2 head, level 2 bag and level 3 armour. The weapons include AK and win94. In fact, they can be equipped with two AK's, one is far away and the other is near. And the bag has four times the mirror, so now it can both fight far and close. Apart from the expansion clips, all the accessories are complete.

It's a surprise that the rifle silencer is relatively unexpected.

Compared with the cemetery, the happy village is further away from the street, but fortunately, on the way to the street, there are other wild houses that can be searched or used as a place to stay.

Finally, I will drive my car to the victory.