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How to deal with female college students being molested by 18-year-old teenagers in the middle of th

How to deal with female college students being molested by 18-year-old teenagers in the middle of the night when summer comes, many girls are wearing less clothes, which also attracts the attention of sex wolves. Summer is a high incidence period of salty pig hands. What should I do when I meet salty pig hands? Let's take a look at a real case first.

Late at night, a female college student in Nanjing went back to her dormitory alone. As a result, she met a strange man who covered her mouth and robbed her chest bag. However, the female college student soon realized that the other party was not robbing the bag, but performing indecency on it. After receiving the alarm, Nanjing Xuanwu police arrested the obscene suspect three days later. He turned out to be a teenager just over 18 years old, and just sent his girlfriend home after the crime.

At about 11:00 p.m. on June 14, Nanjing Xinjiekou police station received a report from a female college student, Xiao Fan, saying she had been molested. The reporter of Modern Express learned that Xiaofan was a female college student in a university in Nanjing. An hour ago, she finished her evening study and went back to her dormitory. When she went to the alley near jinxianghe Road, she found a young man nearby unlocking the shared bicycle. Little fan didn't care. He continued to walk into the stairs of the dormitory.

Suddenly, little fan heard someone running up behind him. Fan tried to turn on the light, but the light on the first floor platform failed to turn on. The dark environment made her feel uneasy, but she had to go upstairs. At this time, the figure behind suddenly ran up the stairs beside Xiao Fan. When fan went to the second floor platform and turned on the light, she saw that the man who had just surpassed her was the man who unlocked the shared bicycle. At this time, he had blocked fan's way and came face to face.

Xiaofan stops in fright. At this time, the man quickly covers Xiaofan's mouth with his left hand and pushes it to the southeast corner of the wall. The strange man covers Xiaofan's mouth with one hand, grabs the bag in front of Xiaofan's chest with the other hand, and Xiaofan clings to the bag. I didn't expect that the man robbed the bag was fake. The real intention was to molest fan. After fumbling on Xiao Fan, the man quickly fled the scene. Fan immediately ran back to the dormitory and called the police. 'I thought I was robbed at first. Who knows that the other side is a lecheron. "Xiaofan told the police.

After receiving the alarm, Xinjiekou police station immediately launched an investigation with the Criminal Police Brigade of Xuanwu Public Security Bureau. The police finally locked the suspect through monitoring near the crime site. His surname is Zou. He has just turned 18 this year. He is from Anhui Province and works in Nanjing. After mastering the law of Zou's activities, the police crouched near his temporary residence. At 6 a.m. on June 17, when Zou returned to his temporary residence, he was caught by the police who had been waiting for such a long time.

It's found that Zou, who was a dessert store's western chef in Nanjing, just turned 18 on June 16. After arriving at the case, Zou confessed to his crime. According to Zou, after seeing his girlfriend home at more than 10 p.m. on June 14, he wanted to ride a bike back to his dormitory, but saw Xiaofan in the alley. 'I thought she had a thin waist and a good figure, so I wanted to touch her. 'Zou said.

At present, Zou for alleged indecency has been taken by the police to obtain a guarantor pending trial of criminal coercive measures, the case is still under further investigation.

What should girls do when they are molested?

1. Light survival tools I usually take a whistle for survival when I go out on my own. It's hung on the key chain or bracelet. When I encounter something wrong, I'll blow it out! It's very loud! Whistle is cheap. Things of several yuan are sold in Taobao supermarket and even in ordinary roadside stall. It's small and beautiful. It's a decoration when I hang the key chain. When it's dangerous, it can attract people's attention for a life.

2. Try not to go out alone at night In the evening, go to high-rise buildings instead of stairs. Walking on the road, always listen to the movement around you. If there is a sound of footsteps, slow down and walk slowly to the lighted shop. If the people behind you are not more than you, enter the shop, call relatives and friends or the store manager.

3. The useless shopping tickets and bank receipts are torn off and the useful ones are locked If you are a student, don't forget to delete after printing, and don't forget to tear off the exam information stuck on the award table after the exam.

4. Tell the trusted person in advance where to go at weekends Take a taxi to sit in the back row, hold the mobile phone in hand, and open some windows. The mobile phone is usually unlocked and ready to dial out the number before going to a very dark place. Never take a black car to travel, even if many people go, even if it's very cheap.

5. In case of encountering bad people, don't be afraid, be calm, but don't want to entangle with each other, try to remember each other's characteristics and run to the police.

6. Learn to protect yourself with the law. If you encounter harm, don't be afraid and respond to the parents' police in time.