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What's the distribution of materials in hurricane Peninsula? What's the most materials in hurricane

Four seas network: Wilderness action hurricane Peninsula map where resources? Today, let's take a look at hurricane Peninsula, where the richest materials are.

Advanced resource point

1. North Port

Beigang is the same place as Xigang in the old version of the map. It's all in the port, close to the sea and the container gathering point. Players can easily pick up three-level bags, three-level armor and three-level helmets and other important equipment in Beigang.

2. East Island

Dongdao can be said to be a new place of the old site of Donggang. Dongdao is an island separated from the main island. You will not face many enemies in Dongdao, and level 3 equipment is also very easy to obtain. However, it is also known as one of the marathon resource points. If the security circle is in the main island, you need to climb a long distance and do a dedicated Shunfeng express~

3. Main city new area

This is the location of the main city in the middle of the old map. There are many 4-story buildings in the main city. One building can meet your basic equipment. If you are lucky, you can also use 4x mirror + Level 3 armor. There are many houses here, located in the center of the island. Players can prepare for the gun before jumping here!

4, Fengcheng

Once you look at the name of this resource point, you will know how rich the resources here are. Otherwise, how can it be called Fengcheng? The houses in Fengcheng are relatively dense, which is a senior resource point suitable for fighting wild. It is highly recommended that players jump here.

5. Cliff town

Located in the lower right corner of the map, the houses here are very dense and rich in resources! Players are required to choose one of the parachute jumping, wild and chicken eating. If the signal circle is here, Cliff town can be said to be easy to defend and hard to attack.

Intermediate resource point

1. Xiaobeigang

Beigang is a high-level resource point. When you find that there are so many people jumping into Beigang, you need to make an emergency turn to xiaobeigang. Although the resources here are not as fertile as Beigang, the capital equipment is enough to let you pick up the equipment you need!

2. Po Village

The location of Park Village is adjacent to xiaobeigang. Players want to develop stably and guard couriers. Park Village is a very recommended resource point!

3. River Collection

River collection is located next to the river, with ships and vehicles. It is also one of the necessary resource points for players who like water battle. River collection can meet all your equipment needs, most of which are level 2 equipment resources.

4. Huxindao huwan Villa

Huxindao and huwan villa are the resource points that can make you develop stably. Most of the houses here are two-story buildings, and the houses on the other side of huwan villa are very high-grade. If huxindao is in the circle of destiny, it is also one of the points that is easy to defend and hard to attack.

5, South Town

A small place away from the main battle area is also the point near the lower right corner of the map. Houses in Nanzhen are mainly distributed along both sides of the road. There are more secondary equipment that can be found in houses in Nanzhen.

6. Xicheng

The new map is divided on four sides according to the East, West, North and south. Beigang, Dongdao and Nanzhen are the last ones left. The west city is located on the left side of the island. The houses are scattered, but the number of houses is large, so you can find the required equipment. It is a secondary resource point with rich resources.