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2018 Huai'an public rental housing application conditions and sales policy

2018 Huai'an public rental housing application conditions and sales policy public rental housing is a social welfare policy. Public rental housing is a kind of indemnificatory housing which is not rented in any form in this city when the applicant and co applicant apply for it. So what are the application conditions and sales policies for Huaian public rental housing in 2018? Let's have a look.

Application conditions for Huaian public rental housing

For the middle and low-income families with urban household registration who have difficulties in housing, they apply for public rental housing with families as the unit, and each applying family is limited to one set of housing. One applicant is determined by the applicant's family, and the other family members are joint applicants. The applicant shall be at least 18 years old and have full capacity for civil conduct. The family members who jointly apply for the application shall have the legal relationship of support, upbringing, support and adoption with the applicant and live together.

(1) In the urban area, the per capita living area of the households without self owned housing or self owned housing is lower than the standard published by the municipal government, and the self owned housing has not been transferred within 5 years before the date of application. The area of the housing or housing shares that meet the following conditions shall be included in the scope of verification of the housing area with self owned property rights of the applicant:

1. Housing with legal property rights;

2. Housing registered for advance purchase of commercial housing

3. Housing acquired by way of inheritance but without handling the formalities of inheritance shall inherit the share;

4. Housing that has signed the agreement on demolition and resettlement but has not been moved back;

5. Other houses actually obtained.

(2) There are no motor vehicles between the applicant and the co applicant, except for motorcycles and special motor vehicles for the disabled.

Application conditions for public rental housing: urban household registration and middle and low-income families with housing difficulties shall meet the following conditions: 1. At least one applicant and spouse shall have urban household registration in Duanzhou and live in the city. 2. The per capita disposable income and net asset value of the family meet the security standards published by the municipal government. If the above-mentioned conditions are met, the single person over 30 years old (including 30 years old) whose parents do not have their own houses or have houses within the urban area of Duanzhou, but whose per capita living area meets the security standards, can apply for public rental alone.

Business policy of Huaian public rental housing

The district government is responsible for organizing and coordinating the district housing security department, sub district office, village (residential) committee and relevant units to carry out the application, acceptance and review of public rental housing in Duanzhou urban area. The district housing security department is responsible for accepting the application, reviewing the income, vehicles, deposits, securities and other related properties of the application object and family members, submitting the relevant materials to the municipal housing security department after putting forward the review opinions, and managing the allocation of district houses. The district housing security authority can set up acceptance windows in the sub district offices and village (residential) committees to receive the application materials submitted by the applicants and conduct formal examination on the application materials.

1. The municipal development and Reform Bureau is responsible for verifying the rent standard of public rental housing, and making timely adjustments in combination with the market property market.

2. The Municipal Finance Bureau is responsible for bringing the rental income of public rental housing and the related expenditure of construction, maintenance and management of public rental housing into the budget management.

3. The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is responsible for verifying the income of the families with minimum living allowances, the soldiers who have difficulty in housing and returning to work, and the martyrs.

The public rental housing sales policy stipulates that: the sub district office and the village (residential) committee shall assist the district housing security department to verify the income, property, housing, household registration and other relevant information of the application object and family members through household survey and neighborhood visit, and assist the follow-up management of the municipal and district housing distribution.