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How to use the mirror of peace elite

How to use the mirror of peace elite this year's chicken eating game is on fire. The mobile version of "peace elite" is popular with many players. Friends who play peace elite all know that double mirror is a magic weapon, which can make people see further, but it's not so easy to use it well? The following small editor to you the choice and use of the mirror, I hope you eat chicken happy.

On the choice of magnifier

There are different levels of double mirrors. According to No. 9 editor, double mirrors are too close to each other and have the function of magnifying, but they can't really see. Eight times view too far, to see the distance, but forget the present. Fifteen times mirror is a legendary existence, belonging to the choice of fate. And only four times the mirror, not far or near, gentle and warm.

Ranking list of multiple mirror comprehensive scores:

Quadruple & gt; octuple & gt; doubled & gt; doubled

Double mirror of Jedi survival and peace Elite: red dot, hologram

I prefer the red dot, because the hologram will cover part of the field of vision. In fact, the field of vision in the open state is very important. Anyway, I personally understand it. The important attribute of 1-fold mirror is the opening speed, which is no difference between the two. In view of the main landing area of the building, the first spot often does not have a high-power mirror. It is very important to use a double mirror to shoot and move the target to follow the gun for about 200 meters. More practice is needed. There is nothing to say about the shooting method.

Jedi survival and peace elite 2 times mirror:

Some chicken ribs, a double mirror breath holding, basically have two times the field of vision, I think it's not as easy to use as red dots. Many people don't use it twice as much.

Jedi survival and peace elite 4x mirror:

It should be said to be eating chicken core props. The field of vision is relatively wide under the 4x mirror, and only the outline of the mirror is covered on the screen, so it is suitable for open-ended observation, especially when running in the field, to observe whether there is anyone in the surrounding house window. Even if the enemy is on the face, they dare not change the mirror due to the insufficient configuration of the machine. It is also possible to open four times of the mirror. It should be said that it is the mirror with the largest scope of application.

Eight times mirror of Jedi survival and peace Elite:

Generally speaking, they are equipped with sniper guns, and rifles can also be used, but generally they are more suitable for sniper. The center cross is more suitable for fine aiming than the four times tip. However, there is no field of vision on the edge of the screen after the opening of the mirror, so a small field of vision is the biggest drawback. It is almost impossible to use a close combat of about 30 meters, but it is not impossible to use a single sniper gun to hit a fixed target. It's relatively difficult for a rifle to burst its head eight times in a row. There are too many jumps on the wound.