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Hainan will become an important window for China's service industry to open to the outside world China Xinhua News Agency reported on April 27 that the central government supported the establishment of international energy, shipping, bulk commodities, property rights, equity, carbon emission rights and other trading venues; the number of countries with no visa for inbound tourism expanded from 26 to 59; the number of emerging modern service industries such as tourism and health care & hellip;. With the new strategic positioning given to Hainan, especially the central government supported the construction of Hainan self By gradually exploring and steadily promoting the implementation of the free trade port policy, Hainan is expected to become an important window for China's service industry to open to the outside world in the future.

Shouldering the mission of opening China's service industry to the outside world

In the near future, a series of major policies given to Hainan by the central government have undoubtedly attracted much attention. According to the requirements of the central government, the development of Hainan should not focus on entrepot trade and processing manufacturing, but on the development of tourism, modern service industry and high-tech industry, pay more attention to the overall development of people, fully stimulate the development vitality and creativity, and create a higher-level and higher-level open economy.

Chen Bo, executive director of the free trade zone research center of Huazhong University of science and technology, said that the opening of service industry was a common task and challenge faced by the 11 free trade zones before Hainan, and the opening process of such projects as education, health care and cultural tourism was relatively slow. 'the greater characteristic of Hainan lies in the modern service industry. If the modern service industry can be developed in Hainan, it will do nothing. '

Hainan needs to fully implement the system and policy of free trade port and form a new pattern of regional opening up. Chi Fulin, President of China (Hainan) Institute of reform and development, believes that the opening up of service industry market is the key point of China's next opening-up, and Hainan should take the first step in this regard to provide an important model for the whole country.

The guiding opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on supporting the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up of Hainan issued on April 14 put forward specific requirements and supporting policies for the opening up of Hainan's service industry. It not only supports the establishment of international energy, shipping, bulk commodities, property rights, equity, carbon emission rights and other trading venues in Hainan, but also clearly points out that it is necessary to focus on the development of tourism, the Internet, health care, finance, and social security Exhibition and other modern service industries should speed up the innovation and development of service trade and form an industrial structure focusing on service-oriented economy.

Grasp the future advantages of Hainan's service industry opening to the outside world

On March 31, Boao super hospital, which is located in Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Area, was opened to the public. The nine price cervical cancer vaccine of great concern was vaccinated here, and Hainan took another big step in the field of medical health. "Super hospital can introduce foreign drugs, equipment and new technologies. It is a platform for medical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, which can explore the way for the open development of medical tourism in China. "Said Li Lanjuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Boao super hospital.

Medical tourism industry is one of the fastest growing emerging industries in the world. In Hainan Province, which has a unique ecological environment, the potential of this industry is undoubtedly huge. In recent years, Hainan adheres to the construction of an industrial system dominated by modern service industry, focusing on the development of 12 industries, mainly including tourism, Internet, medical and health services, with remarkable achievements.

A group of data reflects the comparative advantages of Hainan's service industry: in 2017, the added value of Hainan's service industry accounted for 55.7% of GDP, 4.1 percentage points higher than the national level; the contribution rate of service industry to economic growth was 79.5%, 20.7 percentage points higher than the national level. From the perspective of contribution rate to economic growth, service industry has become the leading industry in Hainan.

'China's rapid development in the past 40 years mainly depends on the growth of manufacturing industry, but now it has entered the transformation and upgrading period of manufacturing industry upgrading and service industry expansion. Ji Guohui, deputy director of the service and Trade Bureau of the Department of Commerce of Hainan Province, said that in the new stage of development, Hainan, which was relatively backward in manufacturing industry, has a comparative advantage in service industry.

Ji Guohui introduced that the pilot work of innovation and development of service trade carried out by Hainan since 2016 has further improved the overall level of opening up of the service industry. The pilot project proposed that the innovation tasks in tourism, transportation, cultural services, insurance services, service outsourcing and traditional Chinese medicine services were basically completed on schedule. "It has accumulated experience for the next step to comprehensively improve the opening level of Hainan's service industry and the construction of free trade zones and free trade ports. '

In addition to industrial foundation, location advantage is also a favorable condition for Hainan's service industry to open to the outside world. Xia Feng, vice president of China (Hainan) Institute of reform and development, believes that Hainan is an important fulcrum of the maritime Silk Road, closely cooperates with Southeast Asian countries, has the conditions to become a pilot area for Pan South China Sea cooperation, forms a new pattern of opening up focusing on service trade, and promotes the formation of the Pan South China Sea free trade network.