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How fast is the EMU Fuxing coming out? How fast is the Fuxing

How fast is the EMU Fuxing coming out? How fast is the Fuxing

Four seas network: Recently, China's latest EMU, Fuxing, appeared on the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway. It is reported that Fuxing is a new EMU with full ownership of its own, so how fast is Fuxing good? How does Fuxing look and how is its safety? Let's take a look at it together. (this article is edited and sorted out by four seas network, and reprinted to indicate the origin. Original link: .cn/life/)

How good is the Fuxing?

--84% of China's standards have fully independent intellectual property rights

The Chinese standard EMU, which is developed under the leadership of China Railway Corporation and has completely independent intellectual property rights and reaches the world advanced level, was officially named "Fuxing" on June 25. According to the plan, on June 26, Fuxing will take the lead in two-way starting at Beijing south station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station at both ends of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, respectively serving as g123 and g124 high-speed trains.

It is called "Renaissance" by the media as "the latest version of China's high-speed railway". It started research and development in 2012, completed the scheme design in 2014, went offline in 2015, and officially appeared this year.

According to media reports, a large number of technical standards such as China national standard, industry standard and China Railway Corporation enterprise standard are the most prominent features of Fuxing. Among 254 important standards, 84% are Chinese standards. In addition, the overall design of Fuxing and the key technologies such as car body, bogie, traction, braking, network, etc. are independently developed by China, with full independent intellectual property rights.

How about the beauty?

--Two models, more elegant lines

So, what does the Fuxing look like?

It is understood that there are two types of cr400af and cr400bf in Fuxing. Compared with the well-known harmony, Fuxing has a certain improvement in its beauty. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

According to the report, it adopts a new low resistance streamlined head and a smooth body design, with more elegant lines.

In addition, the train resistance is 7.5% - 12.3% lower than the existing crh380 series. When the train runs at 350 km / h, the per capita energy consumption per 100 km is reduced by about 17%, which is more energy-saving.

How fast is it?

--The test speed can reach 400km / h or above

It is understood that according to the new EMU preparation rules of China Railway Corporation, all new autonomous EMUs adopt models beginning with "CR", which is the abbreviation of China Railway Corporation and also refers to the Chinese standard EMU series product platform covering different speed levels.

The "400" in the "Fuxing" model is the speed grade code, which means that the test speed of the EMU can reach 400 km / h or above, and the continuous operation speed is 350 km / h.

How safe is it?

--More than 2500 real-time monitoring points

At such a fast speed, how safe is it? According to reports, in order to ensure safety, Fuxing has been closely monitored by its accompanying doctors all the way. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Fuxing has more than 2500 monitoring points, which can conduct all-round real-time monitoring on bearing temperature, cooling system temperature, braking system status and passenger compartment environment. Once the train is found to be abnormal, it will automatically give an alarm or early warning, and automatically take speed limit or parking measures.

It is worth noting that through the remote data transmission, the ground can grasp the vehicle status in real time and carry out synchronous monitoring and remote maintenance of the train. At the joint of the car head and the carriage, the collision energy absorption device is also added, which can improve the passive protection ability of the EMU through the deformation of the device in case of unexpected collision in the low-speed operation.

What are the changes compared with harmony?

--Longer design life, charging and WiFi in the car at any time

In addition to the above-mentioned differences in appearance, the Renaissance has improved its design life, interior space and comfort.

According to media reports, in order to adapt to China's vast territory, temperature across plus or minus 40, long-distance, high-intensity and other operational needs, Fuxing carried out a 600000 km operation assessment, 200000 km more than the European standard. Finally, the performance index of the whole vehicle is greatly improved, and the design life of Fuxing is 10 years longer than that of harmony, reaching 30 years. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

In addition, Fuxing's train height has increased to 4050 mm, with larger interior space, significantly reduced interior noise and more spacious seat spacing.

Charging and Internet access issues, which are of great concern to passengers, have also been improved on the Fuxing. According to media reports, in the car, passengers can not only charge and connect WiFi at will, but also get different light environment through lighting control mode. The uncomfortable feeling of ears when passing the tunnel or when the train meets can also be alleviated.

The future development of Fuxing

--Boost China's high-speed rail 'going global'

In an interview with the media, the head of China Railway Corporation said that "Fuxing" took the lead in the operation of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, which plays an important exemplary and leading role in further improving the operation and service quality of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway and building an international brand of China's high speed railway. Next, according to the transportation needs, we will further develop the transportation potential of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, demonstrate the performance and quality of the 'Fuxing' high speed EMU, and provide a more comfortable and efficient travel experience for people. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

He Huawu, chief engineer of China Railway Corporation and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, disclosed to the media that the Chinese standard EMU with full independent intellectual property rights will be used in Indonesia's high-speed rail project, and the 'Fuxing' will also be the main force of China's high-speed rail 'going global'.