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Beijing 2018 compulsory education enrollment policy announced yesterday (April 25) afternoon, Beijing Municipal Education Commission officially announced the enrollment policy of compulsory education in Beijing in 2018. Among them, it is clear that Beijing household registration system for non housing families should be implemented in a stable way.

Beijing 2018 compulsory education enrollment policy announced

This year, for the first time, it is stipulated in the primary school enrollment policy that if Beijing households with no household registration have worked and lived in the non household registration area for a long time, and meet the conditions of continuous single tenancy and actual residence in the same area for more than 3 years, registration and filing on the housing rental supervision platform, and legal and stable employment of one spouse in the area for more than 3 years, their school-age children can receive compulsory education in the area.

Specific measures shall be formulated by each district government in combination with the actual situation. The Department jointly reviews the enrollment qualification conditions of Beijing households without housing, legal and stable employment, and actual residence. Relying on the Beijing housing rental supervision and verification of the registration and filing information of housing rental of Beijing registered households without housing, the verification of rental information and the collection of enrollment information will be launched simultaneously on May 7.

The policy also made it clear that in 2019, the enrollment of all kinds of special students will be cancelled. This year's enrollment of junior high school students with special skills in Beijing is stable compared with last year, and the proportion of students with special skills in each district should still be strictly controlled within 4% of the junior high school enrollment plan in this district. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China to "cancel the enrollment of all kinds of special students by 2020", Beijing proposes to cancel the enrollment of all kinds of special students in 2019.

We will further standardize boarding enrollment in public schools. On the basis of continuous standardization, this year's enrollment documents further clearly require that the number and proportion of boarding enrollment of public schools be gradually reduced in the six districts of the city, and the information such as enrollment scope, enrollment quota, enrollment method, enrollment list, etc. of boarding enrollment will be publicly publicized. By 2020, boarding enrollment will be registered and assigned.