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Entry of printing time of Jiangxi primary accounting examination permit in 2018

Entry of printing time of Jiangxi primary accounting examination permit in 2018 on April 24, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of finance that the online printing of the examination permit for 2018 national accounting professional and technical primary qualification examination of Jiangxi Province will be opened from April 27 to May 19.

Candidates who apply for the primary qualification will log in the accounting channel of Jiangxi Financial Portal within the specified time and print in the window of printing the paperless examination permit of 2018 accounting professional and technical primary qualification. If there is any error in the personal information of the examination permit, it must be corrected before May 11 at the accounting examination management organization of the financial department where the application is located.

Notes for printing the examination permit of junior accounting title:

1. A4 paper must be used to print the examination permit, regardless of the front and back, black and white or color.

2. It is recommended to apply IE browser to download the examination permit.

3. Carefully check whether the name, photo, examination permit number, examination address, etc. are displayed correctly.

4. If the network is busy, or the speed of the examinee's computer is too slow to display the photos on the examination permit normally, please refresh the web page until the photos can be displayed normally before printing. Or avoid network peak printing.

Can I bring a calculator for the examination of junior accounting title?

Generally speaking, candidates are not allowed to bring calculators to the entrance, but due to the differences in different regions, the arrangement of examination services is different. Candidates also prepare a general calculator without storage function in case of emergency.

Can't bring calculator, examinee also need not worry, in the paperless machine test of primary accounting title, the machine test system has a simple calculator, so examinee doesn't need to worry about the calculation topic. In addition, the examination room will also provide a unified draft paper and pen for the convenience of candidates' calculation. After the examination, they will also be recycled.

What calculator is used in the primary accounting examination? (not published in 2018, refer to paperless system in 2017)

In the paperless operation system of the junior accounting title examination, there will be an obvious calculator function button icon in the lower left corner. Candidates should be familiar with its location first, as shown in the following figure

The calculators of different examination systems for junior accounting titles are also different.

For more calculation functions, you can click the "view" button, and the calculator can change different types to meet the needs of different examinees.

In the face of the paperless test for junior accounting titles in 2018, candidates need to be familiar with the paperless system first to prepare for passing the test.