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How much is wechat transfer limit? How to increase wechat transfer limit

How much is wechat transfer limit? How to increase wechat transfer limit since wechat has the function of wallet, more and more people use wechat to send red packets or transfer money. For the first time, friends who use wechat don't know that there is a limit for wechat transfer, so what is the limit for wechat transfer? How can wechat increase the transfer limit?

I. wechat transfer limit

Wechat transfer limit can be divided into two situations according to whether to add bank or not:

1. No bank card added: change funds can be used for transfer, with a limit of 200 yuan per transaction per day and 3000 yuan per payee per transaction per day. (this article is edited by, for more highlights, please pay attention to, the original link:

2. Added bank card: you can use change or bank card funds for transfer, with a limit of 50000 yuan per day for a single transaction and unlimited amount for the payee.

Wechat transfer is free of service charge, but there is a limit. If the limit is exceeded, you can change other banks to pay, or operate the next day, because the limit is limited to the total amount of funds within one day, and there is no monthly limit.

How to increase the transfer limit of wechat

Click the [i] option in the lower right corner, and you can see that there is a wallet function on it. Let's click in.

This includes all the financial functions of wechat, but we just need to increase the limit of the bank card this time, so we click the [bank card] option in the upper right corner. (this article is edited and sorted out by For more exciting contents, please pay attention to The original link:

After clicking in, we can see the bank card that we have bound now. We choose the bank card that we want to increase the limit and click in. You can see a line of phone at the bottom of the screen. This is the customer service number of our current bank card!

Note: the customer service number is different for different bank with bank card.