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Arsenal vs Atletico 2018 UEFA Cup semi-final online viewing address

Arsenal vs Atletico 2018 UEFA Cup semi-final online viewing address at 3:5 a.m. on April 27, the first leg of the UEFA Cup semi-final in 2017-18 started to focus on the competition at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal took the seat at home against Atletico Madrid. In the first half, fusarico was dyed red, in the second half, lakazet header broke the deadlock, and glitzman was the Savior. In the end, Arsenal drew 1-1 at home to Atletico Madrid, and the two sides will move to Wanda metropolitan Stadium on May 4 for the second round.

Full video playback:

First half video second half video ( HTML)

[all in] Europa League - La cazette's 1-10-man victory in Atletico Madrid

[goal Video] Gunners' centre half combination 'rolling band' sends a big gift to level with a single knife

[goal Video] ARS è ne Wenger gets up and clenches his fist to celebrate

[red card sent off] Simone angrily accused the referee of being sent off to the fans' stand

Arsenal don't have much in the League at present. The Europa League will be the key Championship for the Gunners. Arsenal's 4-1 win over West Ham in the last round of the League showed a good performance, and they are eager to take the lead in this game. However, Atletico Madrid's recent performance has fluctuated, with only one victory in the last five games. However, Simone's team strength cannot be underestimated, and the away bedspread regiment should also go all out.

The whistle started in the first half, and in the second minute, fusarico was booked for knocking down Wilshere.

In the 4th minute, bellelin was relieved by fusarico. The fifth minute, Welbeck left-wing cross, lakazet in the restricted area volley pad shot missed.

In the sixth minute, Monroe's Cross was accurate, and lakazet's header was saved by aublak.

The 8th minute, Welbeck forbidden area front edge low shot also by o'blake confiscates. In the 9th minute, fusarico trampled on lakazet and was sent off with two yellows and one red.

In the 12th minute, Simone was sent to the stands in protest against the referee.

In the 15th minute, Monreale started from the left and lakazert's header was high. Two minutes later, Welbeck went straight and Ramsey was blocked by the defenders. The 17th minute, Welbeck cross to the back point, Wilshere's head angle is too positive did not form a threat. The 20th minute, Wilshere oblique plug, Welbeck small angle push shot by obruck leg block.

In the 21st minute, Arsenal's corner chance and koscielny's backcourt shot were also high. One minute later, lacazette rocked in the penalty area and fell to the ground. The referee didn't say. In the 26th minute, lakazet broke through the cross and was cleared by Godin. In the 30th minute, Ramsey took off on the right side and Monreale volleyed off the post.

The 32nd minute, glitzman forbidden area arc top hit the door by Ospina to dissolve. In the 35th minute, the long pass of zaca's midfield was also taken off by Ibrahimovic. The 36th minute, Thomas forced to break through and knock back, glitzman's shot was saved by Ospina.

In the 38th minute, zaca tried to shoot away the anti-aircraft guns. One minute later, Corea went back and headed home without threat. In the 42nd minute, Monreale's Cross was blocked. One minute later, Corea cut a shot and kicked it off.

At the end of the first half, Arsenal drew 0-0 at home to Atletico Madrid.

In the second half, Yi Bian fought again and Arsenal took the lead. The 47th minute, Ramsey picks to pass, Welbeck small angle volley gate but passes. In the 52nd minute, Ramsey's cold arrow was confiscated by obrak. Two minutes later, Monroe's left cross was cleared by Jimenez.

In the 55th minute, zaca's long pass was transferred, and Ozil passed the ball out of the baseline. In the 60th minute, the two consecutive passes of bellelin and Monreale were blocked. The 60th minute, Wilshere left bottom cross, La cazetego high jump head ball hit the door, Arsenal 1-0 Atletico Madrid!

In the 63rd minute, Ozil's Cross was finally destroyed by one of obrak's punches. In the 66th minute, Ramsey did it, and zaca's long-range shot was blocked. One minute later, lakazette swept to the door, but Welbeck didn't kick the ball. In the 68th minute, zaca's corner kick came out, and lacazette flicked his head and hit the door slightly.

In the 73rd minute, zaca tried to shoot high from a distance. In the 81st minute, Atletico Madrid started to attack with a long pass from the back field. Glitzman's single shot was blocked by Ospina, and then glitzman made up his own shot into the net, Arsenal 1-1 Atletico Madrid!

The 86th minute, lacazette right cross, Ramsey shook his head to attack the door by o'blake flying to dissolve.

The 88th minute, bellelin head ferry, Ramsey volley was blocked. Two minutes later, bellelin did not find a teammate in the right cross. In the 90th minute, Ozil took off from the side and Ramsey's header was controlled by aubrek.

At the end of the game, Arsenal drew 1-1 at home to Atletico Madrid.

Team of both sides

Arsenal squad: 13 Ospina, 24 bellelin, 6 koscielny, 20 mustafi, 18 Monreale, 29 Zacca, 8 Ramsey, 10 Wilshere, 11 Ozil, 23 Welbeck, 9 lakazet

Bench not available: 16 holdin, 17 iwobi, 21 chambers, 62 nkaidia, 30 Niles, 31 kolachinatz, 33 Cech

Atletico Madrid squad: 13 - aubraque, 19 - Lucas Hernandez, 24 - Jimenez, 2 - Godin, 16 - fusarico, 5 - Thomas, 8 - Saur, 6 - cork, 11 - Correa (74 minutes, 15 - Savage), 7 - glitzman (85 minutes, 9 - Torres), 21 - gamero (64 minutes, 14 - Gaby)

No substitute: 25 Axel Werner, 23 bitolo, 18 Diego Costa, 30 olabe