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How to judge whether squid is fresh or not

Four seas net: eat seafood the most important is a fresh word, so must choose the freshest. How about fresh squid? Here are some judgment methods.

How do fresh squid look fresh

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Color

Fresh squid has a lovely pink light on its surface. The squid soaked in formalin and the squid that has not been fresh or deteriorated for too long will die.

2, taste

Smell the taste of squid. If the squid goes bad, it will smell bad. Squid is a kind of food that is easy to go bad. In summer, it must be kept in ice or it will go bad soon.

3, shape

The more complete the squid is, the fresher the squid is. On the other hand, incomplete body and incomplete body indicate that the squid has been dead for a long time. It's better not to buy it. Also, try not to buy dismembered squid. Maybe it was not fresh before. You'd better buy the whole fresh squid.

4, hand tearing

Tear the squid's head and body parts with your hands. If you tear them apart easily, it means the squid is not fresh. The head and body of fresh squid should be connected tightly, and the meat should be firm to the touch.

5. Mucosa

There is a complete film on the surface of fresh squid. If you touch the squid with your hand and don't find the film, it means that the squid has been put for too long, not too fresh.

How to judge whether squid is fresh

1. Smell to see if it stinks.

2. Squid is covered with a layer of film, purple, to see the degree of adhesion with the meat, if it is difficult to tear off, it is very fresh.

3. The internal organs were intact without rupture or exudation.

4. In order to preserve fresh squid, supermarkets often bury them in the ice. If they put them on the ice at will or pile them up, they will not be fresh.

How to judge the quality of dried squid

Wet squid is easy to deteriorate. If it is dry, it can be sealed for half a year. So, how do you think the dried squid has gone bad?

1, color and luster

The dried high-quality squid is reddish and free of mildew. The dried color of the metamorphosed squid is dark, the white frost is too thick, opaque, and the back is black red or dark gray.

Note that many pure white dried fish in the market are bleached with bleach, or although they are not white, the color doesn't look natural. This is the reprocessing conducted by the manufacturer to prevent corrosion or maintain softness, which will threaten human health, so it is necessary to choose carefully.

2. Appearance

The good dried squid is complete and even in shape, flat and thin in shape, with no defect in the wrists and clean and undamaged body.

3. Hardness

Determine its hardness and softness. The dried squid of good quality is soft, not stiff, with complete and solid body shape and fat meat. It's very dry and hard to touch with hands. It's usually placed for a long time. It doesn't taste like anything. The metamorphosed dried squid has incomplete body, severed head, incomplete flesh wrist, physical damage or even turned around, soft and thin body, dry surface.