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Ranking of the best heroes of King glory in 2018 2018 is the year of King's glory and accumulation. In 2018, the version of King glory is updated more frequently, and there are more and more heroes. Xiaobian will check for you today. So far in 2018, the ranking of the strongest heroes. Let's see if there are any heroes you like.

Top 10, Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun is known as Tianmei Pro son. It is not only terrifying to output, but also flexible in skills and strong in survival ability. Zhao Yun, who is half flesh and half flesh, can still kill the back row easily as an assassin. It will be a disaster where such a powerful ability is placed. As a pro son, Zhao Yun should not be weakened temporarily.

TOP9, Sun Shangxiang

Sun Shangxiang is a hero in the middle and later period. His explosive point is also in the middle and later period. Once he has enough equipment, 1 skill can extend the range and add critical hit. If the damage hit the crispy body, it's just an explosion. Two times, he can kill a back row. However, the hero's continuous damage to the front row is very low, and the consumption of the back row is very terrible.

Top 8. Monkey King

The monkey's critical damage is famous for the king's glory. With weapons and skills and runes, the monkey can return to the spring water when he hits the crispy skin no more than three times. This kind of second-class hero is used to make the crispy skin chilling and let everyone worship him.

Top 7. Daji

Daji belongs to the late monomer hero, and Daji's lineup can be said to be 5v4 in the later stage. In the later stage, Daji can easily lose a crispy or half meat in seconds depending on the explosive output, even against the tank, it can instantly hit two-thirds of the blood volume, while Daji can output a set in more than ten seconds, and the later outbreak is too horrible.

We all know that Daji is the most classic set of wizard in the game, as a powerful skill hero. Daji's role is to complete the release of a set of skills. Although Daji had to withdraw from the battlefield in time after completing a set, the main output point for the other side was particularly useful!

Top 6, Yu Ji

Yu Ji is a rare hero who wins by skill in archers. Ordinary archers rely on ordinary attack, but if Yu Ji wants to play damage, she must rely on releasing skill. This interesting setting is similar to that of a mage. Yu Ji's skill combination is to enlarge and recruit a skill first when encountering crisp enemies, then use passive high damage to directly harvest the head. However, during this period, the accuracy of a skill is very important, and one thing will run away from the enemy, so you must pay more attention to the prediction effect when using Yu Ji.

Top 5, Jingke

Jing Ke may be weakened. Assists will no longer provide him with all CD reduction, but will reduce his CD by half and his recovery HP by half. In this way, Jingke directly fell down the altar, the easiest five kill hero will die, but at present, Jingke can still rely on harvest to produce tons of output.

A Ke since the revision, it seems that the popularity has not been greatly affected, and the injury output is almost the same as before or even more mobile than before! After killing or assisting attack, the skill cools down and restores rapidly. This extremely deadly skill setting in the group war makes Jing Ke's explosive ability still super strong, and it's not difficult to crouch and guard the crispy and quick kill.

Top 4, mink cicada

Diao Chan is a hero who hasn't been weakened and enhanced for a long time. In this period, Diao Chan's fighting method has been fully developed. Whether it's single killing ability or group fighting ability, it's a first-class level. The effect of returning blood is no less than that of archer. As fatan, she has been extremely rebellious.

Top 3, Huang Zhong

Huang Zhonggang just went online and was fired in a few days. As the hero with the farthest range and the one with the highest basic damage, it's hard for any hero to finish. In the lineup of 4 guarantees 1, Huang Zhongneng can show the ability of resisting the sky, and the firepower is almost covered in an all-round way. For crispy, there is only one three guns, and the pushing tower is also the artifact in the artifact.

Top 2. Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang simply won't die without affectation. New heroes may be cut down because of their anti sky damage in the first and middle period. It's possible to reduce damage passively, while 1 skill increases part of the damage, so it's more dependent on FA Qiang. Zhuge Liang in meat has become the past

Top 1. King of Lanling

The king of Lanling, who can play at level 4, is the invincible assassin in the first and middle period! The absolute natural enemy of crisp people (except Yu Ji). As long as a crisp skin is marked by the skill of the second king of Lanling, it will be difficult to escape from the sky. As a set of heroes similar to Daji, the advantage of King Lanling is much greater than that of Daji to some extent.