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What is fish cake? How to make it delicious

Fish cake is a special product of Hubei Province. It tastes delicious and is suitable for all ages. It has the effect of nourishing body and beauty. How to make delicious fish cake? What else does it do? Come and have a look.

How to make fish cake delicious

[materials]: fish cake, onion, carrot, cucumber, soy sauce, water lake powder, a little chopped pepper sauce, white vinegar, tomato sauce.


1. Slice the fish cake.

2. Put it on a plate.

3. Steam in the pan.

4. Cut the cucumber in half, then slice it. Cut the carrot into thin slices.

5. Add some soy sauce, Shuidian powder, some chopped pepper sauce, white vinegar and tomato sauce, and mix them into juice for later use.

6. The carrot slices are stuck into a flower with toothpicks.

7. After the fish cake is steamed, start another pot to make the sauce thick.

8. Pour in the sauce.

9. Decorate with carrot flowers and sprinkle with scallion. The delicious fish cake is on the table.


The fish cake itself has salt, and it tastes good. The minced pepper sauce and raw soy sauce in the sauce must be put less, and the other condiments can be put a little bit more. Add more water starch to make the thick sauce and pour it.

Fish cake is a specialty

Fish cake, originated in the Chu area during the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, is now from Yichang to Jingzhou in Hubei Province, commonly known as Chu Yi flower cake.

"Jingzhou fish cake" is a special dish that has been popular in Jingzhou for many years. Jingzhou people say "no cake, no table". Jingzhou fish cake is mainly made of herring and other ingredients. It is a good choice for young and old people because of its exquisite selection, proper collocation of various ingredients, exquisite craftsmanship, complete color, fragrance and taste, rich nutrition. In 2009, Jingzhou fish cake declared by Jingzhou district was selected into the provincial intangible cultural heritage list of Hubei Province.

Fish cake belongs to surimi products. Surimi products are a kind of deep processed food with high protein, low fat, reasonable nutrition structure, safety and health, which are made of various sea fish surimi or fresh water fish surimi. The food types include fish cake, crab stick, fried flower, surimi bread, fish ham, fish sausage and shrimp cake. This kind of product can be eaten directly, and can also be used as the raw material of platter, sushi and hot pot, which is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad.

Effect and function of fish cake

Fish cake is rich in protein and low in fat. It is mostly unsaturated fatty acid. It plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease, reducing triglyceride, cholesterol and platelet aggregation. In addition, the taste of fish is sweet, and it has the effect of Tonifying the spleen and benefiting the stomach. Regular eating can reduce cholesterol, enhance immunity, reduce the incidence of heart disease and improve brain function. To love the beauty of food, more beauty, rejuvenation and other effects oh. The mouth is delicious, tender and not greasy, the color is white and delicate, the smell is fragrant, which is a model for eating fish without seeing fish! It is also a nutritious dish suitable for the old and the young, which is good for brain and wisdom.