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Can cuttlefish juice be eaten? What are the effects and functions of cuttlefish juice

Cuttlefish can spit ink, can cuttlefish juice eat after all? Today, Xiaobian will show you whether the ink can be eaten. Come and have a look.

Can I eat the ink of cuttlefish

Can I eat the ink of cuttlefish? Yes, Qingdao people like to use cuttlefish sauce and bread dumplings.

The ink of cuttlefish is the base material released when it escapes from danger, which makes the surrounding water black and confuses the enemy. Can the ink of cuttlefish be eaten? Yes, there is a custom of eating cuttlefish rice in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In foreign countries, it is also very common to make bread, bean jelly, surimi and other health food by adding cuttlefish ink.

The substance extracted from the ink sac of squid is named for its color and source. The viscous suspension composed of small black particles may be a protein polysaccharide complex connected to melanin, which contains many active components and has high medicinal value. The ink of cuttlefish contains a kind of mucopolysaccharide, which has a certain anti-cancer effect. After being processed, the ink of cuttlefish is a kind of valuable medicinal material with good hemostatic function.

Squid is also known as squid, flower, etc. it can cook many delicious dishes and is suitable for most people. Cuttlebone, the name of cuttlebone, is a traditional Chinese medicine, which can stop bleeding and astringent. Cuttlefish bone grinding powder can be used as a friction agent to clean teeth and remove dirt.

How to eat the ink of cuttlefish

Can I eat the ink of cuttlefish? Of course! So, how to eat the ink of cuttlefish? The most common way is to make all kinds of pasta after mixing! Here is how to make Chinese dumplings:

The practice of cuttlefish dumplings

Main ingredient: 250g flour

Accessories: 200g cuttlefish, 50g leek

Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, sesame oil, water 125g, sugar, pepper, cuttlefish 6g


1. Pour 250g flour into the basin

2. Add 6G of cuttlefish juice and half spoon of soup

3. Add water and mix by hand while adding water

4. Knead it into dough, cover it, put it aside and wake up

5. Dice cuttlefish

6. Wash and chop leeks

7. Pour leek into cuttlefish meat and add leek to remove fishy smell and improve freshness

8. Cut up the scallion and ginger and put them in

9. Seasoning: add some salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and pepper

10. Add another tablespoon of sesame oil. Sesame oil can make the filling more tender and delicious

11. Knead the dough into strips

12. Cut into small dosage pieces

13. Roll the dumpling skin with a rolling pin

14. Put in the stuffing and wrap all the dumplings in turn

15. Add some water to the pot, put in the onion and ginger slices, to remove the smell and freshness

16. After the water is boiled, put the dumplings into the pot, push the dumplings gently along the bottom of the pot to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the bottom of the pot

17. Cover the pot, cook until it is boiling, add a little cold water, cover the pot, and then boil it. Repeat for three times.

Effect and function of cuttlefish juice

Cuttlefish juice is a kind of self-defense material that cuttlefish spits out when they encounter natural enemies. It can affect or paralyze the vision and smell of invaders. The main component of cuttlefish juice is melanin, in which fucose rich polysaccharide peptide complex has better antitumor effect and no side effects. Its antitumor effect is due to the enhancement of immune system function, especially cellular immune function.

Cuttlefish juice is regarded as a waste in many parts of China, but cuttlefish bile (that is, you say cuttlefish juice, black) is a good thing abroad. Cuttlefish sauce can be used to make cuttlefish Sauce Spaghetti (I just ate it yesterday, but it's a little trouble to wipe my mouth after eating it). It can be used to make bread, pull noodles and so on. In fact, cuttlefish juice can treat amenorrhea, improve immunity, and supplement protein.

It's a good black food with multiple functions.