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2018 wechat cashout free handling fee 2018 wechat cashout free tips

2018 wechat cashout free handling fee 2018 wechat cashout free tips since 2016, wechat has started to collect service fees for withdrawal of cash from users. Wechat claims that this is not revenue, but service fees paid by wechat to banks. Many users who use wechat wallet are very concerned about how much money wechat withdraws, what is the charging standard in 2018, and how to exempt the service fees. Here is a brief explanation for you!

How about wechat withdrawal service fee?

Users from the change to the bank card excess withdrawal, will start to charge fees. Calculated from March 1, each user (ID card dimension) has a lifetime cumulative free withdrawal amount of 1000 yuan. So, how about the handling fee for withdrawal of wechat? It is reported that the handling fee for the part exceeding 1000 yuan is charged according to the bank rate. At present, the rate is 0.1%, and the minimum charge for each transaction is 0.1 yuan.

The handling fee for withdrawing 10000 yuan is 10 yuan. Because the free amount of more than 1000 yuan is charged at 0.1%, so it is about 10 yuan. The handling fee is actually lower than the bank transfer fee. Although some users are dissatisfied, it does not affect the enthusiasm of some fixed users.

How to avoid wechat withdrawal fee?

1. By using the financial management channel, we can buy funds and change financial management with the money in the change. We can not let the money idle, but also earn income. Of course, the money you redeem at that time can only be in the change.

2. Use wechat payment to spend the money in the change. For example, you usually pay a phone fee, and also use wechat payment when eating out, bypassing the way of cash withdrawal. You can also use the transfer function in wechat to settle accounts for friends, or you can use wechat red packet. However, wechat red packet is limited, which is suitable for small amount transfer, and large amount transfer.