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I wonder what's going on because I'm blind and paralyzed after eating overnight food. Why can't I ea

I wonder what's going on because I'm blind and paralyzed after eating overnight food. Why can't I eat overnight food

Three years ago, a young man in Xi'an was suspected of acute renal failure caused by eating overnight leftovers and lived in ICU for nearly one month. He recalled that at that time, he was full of needles and was given a critical notice every day. Since then, he suffered blindness and lower body paralysis, and his mother kept taking care of him. He said there was hope as long as he lived.

Can I eat overnight dishes?

Overnight meals should be fully heated.

If the boy's illness is really caused by eating overnight meals, how long can the overnight meals last and how should they be eaten? Once the overnight meal produces toxin, what harm will it cause to the human body after eating?

Professor Zhou Xinmin, deputy director of gastroenterology department of Xijing Hospital, introduced that there are two major safety problems with overnight frozen food: one is microbial reproduction, which will lead to food deterioration; Second, the increase of nitrite will cause food poisoning. Overnight foods that should not be eaten include fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables, cold dishes, etc. fish and seafood are prone to protein degradation after overnight, which will damage liver and kidney functions. Because some green leafy vegetables contain more nitrates, if they are stored for too long after cooking, under the decomposition of bacteria, nitrates will be reduced to nitrite, and heating can not completely remove them.

Zhou Xinmin said that although everyone knows that food should be fresh, many families often have leftovers, so it is inevitable to eat overnight dishes. How to deal with overnight dishes? He said that in order to repack in advance, it is best to put leftovers in glass containers. In particular, the key is to thoroughly heat the food again, heat the whole dish to 100 ℃, and keep boiling for more than 3 minutes. Heating leftovers in a microwave oven is a good way to fully heat the inside of food.

Studies have shown that the nitrite content of leftovers will rise sharply after more than 6 hours at room temperature. Even if it is placed in the refrigerator, the refrigerator only plays the role of bacteriostasis and cannot sterilize. Bacteria will still grow slowly. Leftovers are generally edible within 2 days, and it is best to pour them out after more than 3 days. Usually the leftovers in the freezer will not deteriorate for 2 weeks, but it is also recommended to eat them within a week.

There are five kinds of overnight dishes you can't eat

1. Overnight seafood.

Seafood has high protein content. If it is stored for a long time, it will not only cause damage to the liver, but also easily deteriorate.

2. Overnight green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables will produce a lot of nitrite because they are placed for a long time, and the color will turn dark and yellow after the next night. It is not delicious when reheated. This kind of leftovers that are harmful to human body and not delicious should be poured out.

3. Undercooked eggs overnight.

When boiled eggs, many people like to eat loose eggs, that is, undercooked eggs. Because the egg yolk does not solidify, it is easy to breed bacteria when it is placed for a long time. Therefore, soft eggs cannot be placed for a long time, but it is no problem for fully cooked eggs to be placed for 48 hours.

4. Overnight tremella and mushrooms.

Tremella mushroom, like green leafy vegetables, will produce nitrite after being placed for a long time, so don't put it for too long. It's better to eat as much as you make, which is more healthy.

5. Stewed overnight.

Brine is what people like to eat all year round. Many people buy a lot. If they can't finish eating, they will put it in the refrigerator and take it out next time. In fact, the marinated flavor will breed bacteria after being placed for a long time, so you should buy as much as you eat. Don't put it for too long.