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Liquor stocks rose Baijiu Baijiu latest trend

Liquor stocks rose Baijiu Baijiu latest trend

Today, the Baijiu plate is strong. At the close, 17 stocks are red across the border. Jiugui Liquor and shede liquor increased by 10%, while Yanghe shares, Jinshiyuan and Luzhou Laojiao increased by more than 6%.

The results of China Daily report are released in a centralized manner, with several joys and several sorrows

On the news side, yesterday, more Baijiu shares published the results of the China Daily. The results are directly reflected in today's stock price performance. Jiugui Liquor led the growth rate of net profit of 18.59%, and the share price rose strongly today. " Poor student, "the mouth of the pit", net profit in the first half of the year fell sharply by nearly 50%, showing the bottom, has become the only Baijiu plate today fell.

On August 11, the chief food and beverage analyst of CSC issued a document saying that in the first half of the year, liquor enterprises cleared inventory and controlled delivery, accelerated delivery progress in the second half of the year, superimposed demand recovery, and improved performance certainty quarter by quarter. Compared with the low base in the first half of this year, Baijiu will have a better performance in the 4 quarter. At least from the perspective of the next year, the Baijiu industry has maintained a high economic boom.

Meanwhile, CICC raised the target prices of Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao. CICC said that although Wuliangye's second quarter performance was lower than expected, it still raised the target price by 53.6% to 278 yuan in consideration of the upward movement of the valuation center of the sector and the long-term steady growth trend. Meanwhile, Luzhou Laojiao's performance in the second quarter exceeded expectations, mainly due to the large decline in the sales expense rate. It is expected that the third quarter report is expected to further improve. The company raised the settlement price of 1573 classic bottles of Guojiao by 40 yuan per bottle, which will further promote the company's payment collection in the third quarter and raise the target price of Luzhou Laojiao by 32.8% to 170 yuan.