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Is Lu Han the villain? What is the outcome of Zhao Binbin?

Recently, the light science fiction suspense drama "doomed" starring Wang Qianyuan, Lu Han, Qi Xi, Qiao Xin, Wu Yue and Zhang Haoran has been scheduled to be broadcast on September 2. According to the exposed trailer, Zhao Binbin, the doctor played by Lu Han, has a cold smile and has the taste of a big villain behind the scenes. Is Lu Han a villain? What is the outcome of Zhao Binbin?

What is the outcome of Zhao Binbin?

Zhao Binbin, played by Lu Han, is a doctor. According to the released stills, his breakthrough this time is very big. He is likely to be a psychopathic murderer. I don't know whether Lu Han can turn over with the play to prove his acting skills.

Zhao Binbin: do you think I can kill you again this time?

Zhang Haifeng: do you think you can kill me again this time?

Zhao Binbin: Yes! Someone will die at 10:30 tonight

"Doomed" is a light sci-fi suspense drama directed by 500 and starring Wang Qianyuan, Lu Han, Qi Xi, Qiao Xin, Wu Yue and Zhang Haoran. Zhang Haifeng, who was once the captain of the criminal police, died unexpectedly two years ago. His family was broken. He resigned from the police force and lived in a muddle. Unexpectedly, a serial homicide in the city seemed to be related to the blossoming accident, and Zhang Haifeng was also accidentally involved. But he didn't expect that he was greeted not only by the complex and unpredictable truth of the murder, but also by layers of time traps.

In addition to the fresh plot setting, the positive rigidity of Wang Qianyuan and Lu Han is also full of highlights. In the preview, Wang Qianyuan, who has always shown his ruthless role, seems to be severely trapped by Lu Han this time, and Lu Han is different from the past. The breakthrough 'Diablo' image brightens the audience. As for the specific outcome, we can only wait for the preview and the subsequent plot to be broadcast.

In addition, Qi Xi, the winner of the best newcomer in Jinma, Qiao Xin, the 'good girl' in Ode to joy, Wu Yue and Zhang Haoran, the powerful actors, will all be involved in the mystery of the play. Such a fresh lineup of international movie stars, all-round idols and powerful actors deduces the character of multi-dimensional characters, making the whole story more three-dimensional and rich. What kind of chemical reaction will they rub out!

Is Lu Han a villain?

This character seems to have a dual personality. His identity is a doctor who treats patients and saves people.

But he is also a villain. So what lies behind this role is the distortion of the mind or the decline of morality? In the trailer, on one side, he is wearing a white coat and on the other side, he is crying with both hands hugging his head. Why?

When Zhao Binbin put on his Hoodie and black glasses and walked on the street in the dark night, the atmosphere immediately created a gloomy sense of terror.

His career as a doctor has also become weird and scary. Even if it's a simple knock on the door, the feeling in your eyes makes your back cool. This look has a villain flavor.

The character Poster Released by "doomed" reads "between good and evil", which also implies the role of Zhao Binbin and his life choice. One becomes a Buddha and one becomes a devil.