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How to shrink linen clothes what are the precautions for washing linen clothes

How to shrink linen clothes what are the precautions for washing linen clothes

Sihaiwang: linen clothes are cool and airy. They are very popular in summer. However, linen clothes sometimes shrink or harden after washing. What should I do? What are the precautions for linen washing? Let's have a look.

Will linen shrink

Linen will shrink. Generally, the shrinkage rate of pure linen fabric is about 10%, so you must pay attention to it when washing. If the water temperature is too high, it will also cause serious shrinkage of linen. In addition, the color fastness of linen is not very good, and a little color may be lost.

How to shrink linen

1. Steam iron

Heat the shrunk linen with a steam iron, then stretch it with both hands while it's hot. Because the heating area of steam iron is limited, in order to ensure uniform fiber stretching, the method of partial, sectional, partial and heating stretching is adopted for sweater. It is impossible to stretch a lot of fibers at a time, which can only be recovered after several times of heating and stretching.

2. Cardboard spread

If the linen clothes shrink after washing, they can be cut into the size and shape of the original sweater with thick cardboard (cardboard in the packing box of household appliances), and the cutting can be polished with sandpaper, so as to prevent the thick cardboard from damaging the linen clothes. Put the linen clothes on the cardboard, and fix them with several clothes drying clips at the lower foot. Then use the electric iron to iron the various parts of the sweater with steam repeatedly, and then take them off after they are completely cooled.

What to do if the linen is very hard after washing

Before airing, do not wring the linen, and dry it naturally. It is better to put the linen flat before airing, so as to avoid wrinkling.

In addition, don't iron after drying thoroughly. It's easier to iron linen with slight wetness. Excessive drying and ironing will cause the linen fabric to lose its natural moisture and become hard. Excessive drying and ironing fabric needs to absorb moisture from the air.

Precautions for linen washing

1. When washing linen fabric, it is not allowed to rub and knead it forcefully to avoid clothing fuzzing and affecting appearance and service life.

2. Try to wash by hand, and use neutral detergent when washing.

3. Try not to dehydrate linen because dehydration is a big factor in shrinkage.

4. When drying, the lapel and seam of the clothes should be pulled flat and straightened, which can be dried in the sun, but do not expose to the sun or for too long to prevent fading.