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How to choose the equipment and materials for the entertainment mode of peace elite in the entertainment mode of peace elite, because the entertainment mode is faster, there is not much time for players to find resources. So we need to master the right thinking, so as not to waste time. There are certain requirements for equipment and materials. What to take and what to throw away. Come and have a look. In the fast battlefield mode, you will randomly experience one of the playing methods of all weapons, shotguns, pistols, close combat or high resources. Because each method of playing provides different weapons for players, the resources they prefer to seek are quite different. Players should not play according to fixed ideas.

1、 All weapons play and high resource play

In these two ways of playing, the guns you choose are usually rifles or submachine guns. Because of the small security area, even in the early stage of the game, players can easily hear footsteps between each other, so most of the fighting broke out around the house. Players will find suitable cover points one after another, and then attack with the enemy. Therefore, the priority resource is medicine. In addition, the shrinking speed of the fast battlefield mode is too fast. Drugs can also help players resist the attack of the poison circle at a critical time.

2、 Shotgun play

The power of shotgun is the highest weapon in close combat. The shotgun can easily kill an opponent even if he has armor. In fast battle mode, players can pick up shotguns easily. Many players have a hot head and rush out to find the enemy immediately after picking up the gun. The bullet is blind. Even players with excellent gun skills are likely to fall under the enemy's shotgun. At this time, players should give priority to looking for armor. After equipping with armor, they can avoid the situation that the enemy kills you with one shot in the process of fighting.

3、 How to play pistol

The damage of pistol is relatively low. When players attack each other, they often cut the gun or change the bullets to kill the enemy through the second attack. Imagine that if the player reduces the possibility of this operation, when the enemy cuts or changes guns, you are still shooting. Is the enemy a moving target? Therefore, after the player enters this mode and finds the appropriate gun resources, he should quickly search the surrounding rooms, find the expansion magazine or the expansion magazine, so as to prepare for the battle that may happen at any time.

4、 Melee play

In the close combat, many players want to find a close combat weapon quickly. In fact, there is a kind of resource better than the close combat weapon, which is to throw weapons. Smoke bombs can help players confuse opponents, and they can use them to retreat when their HP is too low. Dynamite can make the enemy lose sight of the field of vision, so it's time to attack. As for the fragment grenade, if the player can reasonably control its explosion time and throw it at the foot of the enemy at the last second, it can cause fatal attack to the enemy, which is much better than the close combat weapon. However, when using the latter two kinds of missiles, players should pay attention to their own safety and avoid hurting themselves and their teammates.

In the process of searching for houses, we should consider our own shooting and fighting methods, so as to match the corresponding tactics and ideas. The game duration of the fast battlefield mode is only a few minutes, and reasonable resource selection can quickly dominate the whole situation.