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What are the most English songs in the world with over 100 million hits

With its unique charm, English songs stand at the top of all kinds of rankings. Today, I compiled and summarized 10 classic English songs that have been clicked for over 100 million to see if there are any you like.

1、《baby》-justin bieber

Baby is a pop song sung by Canadian male singer Justin Bieber. The song was released on January 18, 2010 by island records. It was recorded in my world 2.0, the first studio album released by Justin Bieber on January 18, 2010. "Baby" is Justin Bieber's famous song and his first English song with over 100 million hits.

2、《poker face》-ladygaga

Poker face is a popular dance song sung by American female singer lady gaga. The song was recorded in the first studio album "the fame" released by Lady Gaga on August 19, 2008. It was released by new mirror record company on September 26, 2008 and served as the second single to promote the album. It is not only popular in the United States, but also widely sung in China. It is the most brainwashing and worst street of English songs with over 100 million hits.

3、《thinking out loud》-Ed Sheeran

Thinking out loud is a song sung by British male singer ed & middot; Sheeran. The lyrics and songs are composed by ED & middot; Sheeran and Amy & middot; VICH. The song was recorded in his second studio album "X", which was released as the third single of the album on September 24, 2014. In February 2016, the song won the 58th Grammy Award for 'single of the year'.

4、《call me maybe》-Carly Rae Jepsen

Call me may is a pop song sung by Canadian female singer Carly & middot; ray & middot; Gibson. The song was recorded in the studio album kiss by Carly & middot; ray & middot; Gibson. It was released by new horizons on September 20, 2011 as the first major single of the album. As soon as the song came out, it won the 2012 Billboard Music Award for best electronic song and best pop song.


"Diamonds" is a popular song sung by female singer Rihanna, which is included in Rihanna's seventh studio album "unaploogetic", and released as the first single of the album by Def Jam records and SRP records on September 27, 2012. In May 2013, he won the best RB song award of Billboard Music Award.

6、《let her go》-Passenger

Let her go is the second single of all the little lights, the first album released by British folk singer passenger in July 2012. At the beginning of 2013, the single achieved great success in Australia and Europe, reaching the top of the list of 16 countries so far.

7、《animals》-Martin Garrix

"Animals" is a song released on October 4, 2005, composed by Weston, composed by Nickelback and sung by Nickelback. The song is included in the album "all the right reasons".

8、《Faded》-Alan WAIKER

Faded is a song sung by Irene & middot; Solheim and included in the album faded released by Alan & middot; walker on December 4, 2015. On February 11, 2016, Elan & middot; Walker launched the orchestral version of the song. On October 4, 2016, the number of views of faded MV on YouTube exceeded 600 million, which is one of the English songs with more than 100 million hits.

9、《Happy》-Pharrell Williams

"Happy" is the theme song of the familiar movie "stealing father 2", sung by American male singer Pharrell Williams. The second studio album "girl" from Farrell was released on November 21, 2013. In 2014, the song was nominated for the 'best original song' award at the 86th Academy Awards. In 2015, Farrell won the 57th Grammy Awards for "best pop singer" and "best music video".

10、《love story》-Taylor swift

"Love story" is sung by American country pop singer Taylor & Middleton swift. It was included in her second studio album "fearless" released in November 2008 and promoted as the main song. In 2009, the song won the best music TV award of the year and the best country song of the year of BMI pop music award.