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What happened to the discovery of gold deposits in Jiangxi reporter Zheng Zhoufu reports: on the 23rd, the reporter learned from Jiangxi Nonferrous Geological Exploration Bureau that it took more than four years for Jiangxi Nonferrous Geological Exploration Team 4 to find out 17 tons of gold reserves in Shuishi tungsten gold mine area of Jinshan gold field in Dexing City, with a potential economic value of nearly 5 billion yuan. Generally, more than 20 tons of proven reserves are large-scale gold deposits, and the identification of gold deposits in the Shuishi tungsten gold mine provides another important resource base for the development of China's gold industry.

The reporter learned that the project of "detailed investigation of Shuishi tungsten and gold mine in Dexing City, Jiangxi Province" was started in April 2013. It took more than four years to complete the drilling footage of 63000 meters. It was found that the industrial mineral resources amount to 10 tons of gold and metal, the low-grade mineral resources amount to 7 tons of gold and metal, and the gold resources of the deposit was found to be close to the large scale. According to the calculation of daily ore processing capacity of 1200 tons and annual working days of 300 days in Jinshan gold mine, the resource reserve of shuishiwu gold mine can extend the service life of the mine for about 16.68 years.

This result is another large-scale rock gold deposit after Jinshan, Xijiang, shitungsten and other large-scale gold deposits in Jinshan gold field. According to the calculation of gold price of 270 yuan / g, the potential economic value of gold resources in the shuishitungsten gold mine is nearly 5 billion yuan.