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The latest application conditions and process of 2018 Wenzhou public rental housing public rental housing is a social welfare policy. It is a kind of indemnificatory housing rented by the government or public authorities to low-income groups at a price lower than the market price. Public rental housing is a kind of welfare guarantee for many people who have temporary housing difficulties. So what are the application conditions and processing procedures for 2018 Wenzhou public rental housing? Let's have a look.

Conditions for public rental housing in Wenzhou

1. The applicant has the household registration of urban residents in Wenzhou;

2. The applicant family has no housing in the urban area or the per capita housing construction area is less than 15 square meters (including);

3. The per capita annual income of households without housing is lower than that of urban residents in the previous year (inclusive), and that of other households is lower than 80% of that of urban residents in the previous year (inclusive);

4. Other conditions required by law.

Materials required

1. Housing security application form

2. Account book

3. ID card

4. Certificate of marriage, divorce or bereavement

5. Evidence of family housing status

6. Evidence of family income

7. Evidence of family assets

8. Other supporting materials to be provided

Processing flow

The sub District Office (people's Government of the town) shall, within 10 working days from the date of acceptance of the application, conduct preliminary examination on the application materials, and publicize the qualified families in the applicant's household registration place and the community where they live for 7 days; if there is no objection or the objection is not tenable after publicity, the preliminary examination opinions and application materials shall be submitted to the district housing security department together.