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Can linen be washed by washing machine linen clothes are easy to be damaged, shrink and wrinkle, but many friends don't have time to wash them by hand. They can only wash them by washing machine. Can they use washing machine to wash linen clothes directly? Xiaobian is going to give you some knowledge today.

Can linen be machine washed

Linen can be washed by washing machine. But it also depends on the shaking range of the washing machine when it works, whether it will cause damage to the linen clothes. Generally speaking, washing the linen clothes with the washing machine has little impact on the clothes, so you can use the machine wash safely.

Precautions for linen washing

1. When using machine wash, we should pay attention to classification. We should pay attention to a lot of washing of linen clothes. We can't mix it with other colors of clothes. Otherwise, if linen is discolored, it will dye other clothes, and if other clothes are discolored, it will also cause linen dyeing.

2. When washing linen clothes, it is better not to use washing powder, because the alkali content of washing powder is high, it is recommended to use neutral detergent or washing liquid.

3. When hand washing, be sure to use cold water, the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, because the color fastness of flax is poor, if the water temperature is too high, it may cause the flax to fade.

4. After cleaning, the linen clothes should be smoothed. When hanging on the balcony, the wrinkles on the clothes should be smoothed, and then the clothes should be dried, so that the dried clothes will not wrinkle.

What to do if the linen is wrinkled

If the linen clothes are wrinkled, you can iron them with steam iron or hanging iron. Pay attention to the ironing temperature, which should be controlled between 200 ℃ and 230 ℃, and iron when the clothes are half dry, so that the clothes can be restored to flatness.

If you don't have a friend with an iron at home, you can squeeze out the water inside after washing the clothes by hand. Be careful not to wring it hard, and don't wring it too dry. Then smooth the wrinkles on it and dry it.