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In May 2018, the new express regulation says that the express boy can't be lazy any more we often encounter such things in our life. The addressee is not at home. For the convenience of express delivery, the courier can store the express in the temporary storage point or express cabinet, but some couriers can store the express in the express cabinet without informing the addressee.

After May 1, if the express boy didn't ask for your opinion, he would put the package in the express cabinet directly. If you feel inconvenient or lose the package, you can complain about rights protection.

The latest legal basis is here

From May 1, the first special administrative regulation for express delivery industry in China, Interim Regulations on express delivery, will come into force. Article 25 of the new regulations is particularly noteworthy: an enterprise engaged in express delivery business shall deliver the express to the agreed receiving address, the addressee or the receiver designated by the addressee, and inform the addressee or the receiver of the acceptance in person.

The express cabinet has become a "lazy artifact" for individual couriers. According to the lawyer's interpretation, the new regulation puts a "tight hoop curse" on the couriers. As long as it is agreed by the addressee, it is not necessary to conduct face-to-face acceptance, the express cabinet or collection point shall be recognized as the "agreed delivery address" in the terms. Without the consent of the addressee, it is illegal to put the express in the express cabinet.